Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Last week we decided to randomly decorate our living room, we've painted the walls, sorted the flooring out and bought new furniture. The joint account has taken a hit but when it's all finished, boy is is going to look good! I took a delivery from Next today and with just the cutting in around the ceiling to do, hopefully by the weekend it'll all be finished and then comes the fun part, accessorising. The walls have gone from cream and brown to two different shades of grey and the furniture is oak, you can see the collection here (we've got the bookcase and TV stand) and the colours in the room will be dark green, gold and black. I've been looking at some prints to add to the room too, something I've never had before and thanks to Charlene's recommendation on Twitter yesterday I've been adding to Desenio basket like there's no tomorrow. Below are my faves from the site, obviously they won't all go in the room but they've certainly inspired me to make over other rooms in the house too.

Like the look of them? Click the image to shop the product. 

  desenio desenio desenio
desenio desenio desenio
SEA FOAM - From £6.95 | MATTERHORN - From £11.95 | TYPOGRAPHY FEELINGS - From £5.95 
deseniodesenio desenio
PINK FLOWERS  - From £6.95 | PINK CLOUDS - From £6.95 | FLAMINGO AQUARELLE - From £2.95  
desenio desenio desenio
FIERCE - From £11.95 | FAKE FUR - From £13.95 | ELIZABETH TAYLOR - From £5.95

Which one is your favourite? Where do you buy your prints from?


  1. Is it okay to say that I love them all? They're truly incredible!! fabulous decor!

    Elena Jackson

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