Wednesday, 7 June 2017


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At the moment I have a lot of time on my hands, remember that job I mentioned in my last Life Lately? Well, lets just say it didn't work out. I may go in to details at a later date, but as it stands I'm now back to blogging full time so expect to see a lot more of me now. So, with this in mind, I finally have the time to start the mini updates I've been planning for the house and garden.

Last year we painted our bedroom a mint green and a couple of months ago we bought a whole new bedroom set from Next. I've been buying accessories and decorative items since but the one thing we haven't updated yet is the blinds. The room was previously quite dark and the dark blinds we have matched that perfectly, but now we've got more neutral colours they don't really go anymore which is why I've paid a visit to BlindsUK and picked out the Tissu Optik Rayure Beige Taupe Gris Ecru blind which I think goes perfectly. They have a great range of UK Window Blinds in various colours and patterns too so if you're on the hunt for some new blinds I highly recommend you check them out. After the blinds, the last thing I'll be doing is buying some prints, I've got my eye on a couple already and I can't wait to show you!

After the master bedroom my next mission is to turn one of the other bedrooms back in to an actual bedroom, at the moment it has our wardrobes and chest of drawers in but we really want to create somewhere suitable for friends and family to stay. I think I'm going to keep with natural colours again but include blush pink and rose gold tones... exciting!

Have you updated your home recently? 

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  1. We bought our house just over a year ago and we have been decorating ever since. I kept it neutral as well and just adding pops of color here and there....I definitely need the pineapple lamp though :D

    Isabella (

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