Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Take Small Steps to Spring Forward in Life

You can feel it in the air; although we might still have some rubbish weather in store in the days ahead, the winter is pretty much over. With the arrival of March, there’s that sense that spring is just about to begin and it’s a great time to take a fresh approach to living a healthy lifestyle. This needn’t necessarily involve making any major changes. Just think about how you look after your body and mind at the moment and make a few tweaks, doing things differently so that you can approach life with renewed gusto.

Think About How You Deal With Stresses

The first place you can consider making changes in order to put a spring into your step is the way you think about life. How do you deal with your worries and concerns; do you write a journal and try and make sense of everything, or do you sit and talk things out with friends?

If you’ve got any major concerns that are adding stress to your life, try an alternative way for figuring out what to do. If you’ve never had a psychic reading, satisfy your curiosity about what’s involved. The likelihood is that you’ll find it really enjoyable and it’s amazing what insights they can bring.
There are lots of different psychic readings. For instance, in a medium reading, the reader connects to the spirit world to provide you with guidance, which makes it one of the most fascinating readings to try. Wouldn’t you like to know if a loved one who has passed away has got any advice for you?

Whichever type of psychic reading you try, it will certainly provide you with a different way of looking at life and given that you can book a session online really easily, it’s a fun thing to do on a night in.

Reinvigorate Your Exercise Routine

We’re often creatures of habit and if you’re in a fitness routine, you probably go to the same classes every week or make sure you swim a certain number of times. But doing the same workout over a long period can become boring. So find out about some new classes that you could try out instead. Anyone for hot yoga, body combat or kettlercise? Alternatively join a netball team or a parkour club, where you not only get to do a different type of exercise, but you also get to meet new people too.

Also, remember that exercise isn’t just about going to classes or the gym; it can be incidental too. For instance, could you bike to work? Not only would it cut down your journey time, but you’d also benefit from some head-clearing space on the way to and from the office. If cycling’s not an option, add some walking into your commute - jump off the bus or train a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way.

Change up What you Eat
It can become all too easy to get into a boring pattern with the food that you eat. You know what you like and you like what you know, yes, but when the same meals keep popping up on your plate every week, it can get a little dull.

— Amy Wright (@AmyWrig65776892) February 26, 2017

Freshen up your approach to dinnertime by trying something new. Watch some cooking shows or read the celebrity chef columns in the weekend papers to get inspiration. Another option is to sign up for a recipe box delivery and be led by the food that arrives on your doorstep. Abel & Cole does recipe boxes, but they also will send out mystery organic veggie boxes which can encourage you to think differently. Hello Fresh delivers a box with three different meals, with all the ingredients weighed out and ready to go. All you need to do is follow the recipe card. Not only will you be eating differently, it takes some of the decisions about meals out of your hands too.
While tradition dictates that New Year is a great time for resolutions, there’s also that same vibe about the start of spring. As the blossom starts appearing and you see daffodils everywhere, grasp the opportunity to make a few subtle changes and start living a little differently!



  1. Love all these! Spring is wonderful for the feeling of new beginnings, and I for one will be embracing it's changes wholeheartedly.

    The Little Things x

  2. I really like how you have wrapped up this post, and of course the featured ideas before this part.

    The warmer and brighter weather this week where I am has most definitely been mood-lifting.

    Tasmin ox

  3. Really good tips! I think exercising is important...not just for basic health reasons but it's also a good way to release some tension and stress in the body. Thanks for sharing :)

    insta | bloglovin’


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