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Last weekend I had the mammoth task of having a sort of my wardrobe. We have a whole new bedroom set arriving this weekend and it’s a task I have been putting off for forever even though it seriously needed doing. I try and have a sort out a couple of times a year (usually around fashion week, it must be all the inspiration) and remove items I’ve not worn recently to send them on to bigger and better things, usually via donating to charity or popping some bits on to eBay. I’m a bit of a hoarder and I do find it incredibly let go of my clothes, what if I need that matching two piece I wore once one summer evening last year? Although I tend to keep a lot, more than I should James will tell you, it’s all organised, there’s method to the madness...
Smiley faceWhen I'm having a good sort out, I ask myself some questions. I think about if I've worn a particular item in the past year. If I haven't, it goes. It's difficult, but at the time time it's so liberating too.

I feel like I'm constantly between sizes, so I do tend to have a range of sizes in my wardrobe. However, if a certain item is now too big for me I'll remove it. For those items which 'don't quite fit but you hope they will one day' well they'll stay until the next cull and if they still don't fit then they go.

Working out the value. I'm all for donating to charity, I donate quite a lot throughout the year but sometimes I'll find a gem which I paid a fair bit for and wouldn't mind getting something back to put on to something else. I'm more than happy to donate that New Look dress which cost me £25 but that one that cost me £100, not so much. Those items I'll try and get some pennies from on eBay... sometimes I'm lucky!

I try to think about what I'd wear with the item too. I have a couple of one off peices that I really love, but don't really have anything to wear them with. Sometimes they're worth hanging on to but remember they're taking up some valuable space you could be using for something much more fabulous!

Smiley face
There’s two ways I’ve tried over the years to organise, 
by product of colour. At the moment it’s currently via product as that works better for me: 
  • Trousers 
  • Skirts 
  • Shorts 
  • Tops 
  • Collared Shirts 
  • Day Dresses
  • Night Dresses 

I also have storage boxes under hanging items which are 
home to all of my other clothing items. Like I said before I'm too much of a hoarder to be minimal but I must admit I like the simplicity of products featured in these images, could you ever have your wardrobe like this?

I  make sure to dry clean my more expensive items of clothing quite regularly and I like to bulk wash my clothes every other month too, of course I do my weekly wash with my every day clothes but I'm talking about the items which I'm keeping but have not worn for a while. Sometimes it all all get a little shall we say, musty? I find this helps keep them in better condition for longer.

Which leads me nicely on to an exciting collaboration I'm currently working on with Verve (official, garment care suppliers for LFW and LFW Festival) who are soon to be unveiled as fashion’s best kept secret. All will be revealed soon, February 23rd to be exact, but think products which care for your most treasured garments. To celebrate the launch, i'm giving away one London Fashion Week Festival ticket to one of you lovely lot. To enter, simply sign up to Verve and post on Instagram your favourite item in your wardrobe, honestly it can be anything. Don't forget to tag me (@VIPXO) and use the hashtag #BeAVerveVIP so I can count your entry. Competition closes on Friday 17th February, so not long. Get posting ladies! 
Good luck!
(Sponsored collaboration with Verve. Images via Pinterest) 

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