Tuesday, 14 February 2017


  1. That first cup of tea in the morning, nothing will get me out of bed quicker.
  2. When you manage to reverse park in one go, can I get a HELL YES?!
  3. Going to buy something and the last available size just happens to be your size; I’m looking at you Nike Racquette Court Trainers from ASOS.
  4. Finding a box set you just have to watch from start to finish, the perfect excuse to stay in your pjs all day (as if you need one)
  5. Laughing so much you can’t breathe and then cry and then make weird high pitched sounds.
  6. Smashing your PB in whatever exercise you’re doing, YOU CAN DO THIS.
  7. Breakfast in bed. 
  8. Making plans to spend a whole weekend with your best friend. 10 days to go!
  9. Getting home and taking off your bra, then putting your sweats on and tying your hair in a bun.
  10. Finding the items you need for dinner in the reduced section for like 20p, Hello egg noodles and pepper stir fry.
  11. Pay day, aka the best day ever!
  12. Finding a pair of heels that are comfortable, pain free, stylish and are easy to wear for a whole night of dancing. Hold on to those babies, they are worth their weight in gold. 
  13. Crossing everything off your ‘to do’ list. Especially on a Friday, or right before a holiday.
  14. Getting a bunch of flowers on the cheap the day after Valentines... roll on tomorrow.
  15. Clean sheets and clean PJs.
  16. Being able to work with your favourite brands. Never forgetting that one time Tetley sent me a massive box of teabags, just because.
  17. Greg James.
  18. When the light is just so perfect for photos you take a months worth of content in one go. Nope, I wasn't really wearing a full face of make up or a crop top on a Wednesday afternoon but who has to know?
  19. Being one of the first in the queue for gig tickets and getting really great seats. CRAIG DAIVD NEXT MONTH.
  20. Remembering you have left over dinner for lunch and wanting to cry with happiness because food.
  21. Doughnuts.
  22. Still knowing all the words to your favourite songs from your teenage years. ''I took her out, it was a Friday night...''
  23. Dropping. A. Dress. Size.
  24. Driving to/from work for the first time in the daylight after of months of darkness. I CAN SEE FIELDS AGAIN.
  25. Having a full functioning nose after a really bad snotty cold.
  26. Finding something you lost and it turning up in the most random place like my iPod in a shoe, seriously what?
  27. Your phone battery lasting for a whole travel journey or through the night without charge, miracles do happen.
  28. That first bubble bath after the longest time. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I MISS BATHS.
  29. When you're warm and cosy inside and it's absolutely throwing it down outside.
  30. And finally, having your lobster for life by your side when all of these amazing things happen. 
What things do you love?



  1. Couldn't agree more with your list. Happy Valentine's Day!



  2. This perked me up so much! I forget about so many of the little things, and loads of these are bits I really enjoy! I had leftover paella for lunch today *drools* and it was the best thing ever

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  3. Couldn't agree more with all of these!! That first tea in the morning! Heavenly!! x


  4. Breakfast in bed and bubbles baths? Heck yes! Also love when I'm driving and no one is being a crap driver haha.

    jennnngo | twitter | latest post

  5. I love this! I found a necklace in my underwear drawer the other day - the heck? haha

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink


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