Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I mentioned in my Review: Atlantica Imperial Resort and Spa Rhodes post that we mainly spent the week at the hotel, by the pool, cocktail in hand. When I go somewhere I do like to explore where I’m staying but this wasn’t the place for that and that was fine, but I couldn’t go all that way and not see a little of Rhodes.  So on one of the days we headed down to Lindos, a 40 minute bus drive away and it truly was beautiful....
It was hot. Very hot. So the first thing we did was find somewhere to get a drink, luckily Lindos is full of little restaurants tucked away so finding somewhere wasn’t a problem. Once we cooled down a little bit, we went back outside to have a wonder up and down the cobbled streets and poke our noses in the many shops. This was all shaded so you could take your time and not worry about getting too hot again! There’s so many little side streets which take you all directions and up each street are little gems, nestled away from the hustle of the streets. It reminded me very much of Oia if you’ve ever been to Santorini.

Once we’d purchased our souvenirs we trekked up the hill to see the Acropolis of Lindos, we didn’t go in, it was just too hot and our tummies were now grumbling, but the views from up there were incredible so it was worth the walk up the hill just for that.  Like I mentioned before there were lots of little restaurants, the boys had their hearts set on a Panini so we found somewhere who did toasted sandwiches. We stumbled across a really lovely place which did English and Greek food so everyone was happy; I had the gyros which is a Greek favourite of mine!

After we’d eaten we went for a walk to burn off the beers and cocktails, we ended up getting a little lost but we got to see some really lovely little houses and beautiful cobbled streets so it was all good really. We eventually found ourselves back on track and decided to head back up to get the bus, we didn’t know what time they were so we were really lucky to see one would be leaving in a couple of minutes so it wasn’t long before we were back at the hotel and jumping in to the pool to cool off!

Lindos is a lovely little town, full of charm and character.
I’d love to go back and explore it a little bit more, the beach looked heavenly! 

Have you ever been to Lindos before? 



  1. As stupid as it sounds when you get lost, you often find the quirkiest places! Looks like you had a great time! x

  2. I can imagine how easy it is to get lost....all the little narrow streets all blend into each other after a while (that is meant in the nicest way by the way and not a slur) gorgeous pictures..


  3. I love exploring when on holiday! Your photos make me feel like I am there, they're lovely and I am definitely getting that holiday vibe... which is much needed right now since I'm looking out to the greyest clouds right now! xxx

  4. Your photo's are gorgeous, Lindos looks like a great place! Getting lost is all part of the fun haha. I am a massive fan of Greek islands, they're all so pretty and I get major Mamma Mia vibes! xx


  5. Amazing pictures! Looks like a lovely place.
    I'm so jealous as we aren't able to go abroad this year, so I'm just sad here, reading everyone's holiday posts with a cuppa.lol :p



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