Thursday, 23 June 2016

Summer Sneakers

Summer is pretty much synonymous with sandals. Gladiators, wedges, flip flops—there are dozens to choose from. But this year, among your huge collection of summer shoes, do yourself a favour and grab a few pairs of sneakers.

Sneakers are quickly gaining popularity as a summer shoe staple. While your normal sneakers are great for pounding the pavement and keeping you supported at the gym, today's fashionable sneakers look just as good (if not better!) with a dress than they do yoga pants. If you're not used to wearing sneakers as a fashion statement, there are a few things you should keep in mind...

First, formal sneakers are a trend by themselves, so make sure you complete the look the right way by sticking to the popular styles. Try thiscollection of different designer sneakers for inspiration. As you can see, while there are plenty of different designers putting their spin on the style, there are certainly reoccurring themes among the looks. Bright whites and solid black choices are usually the most popular, and leather is a common fabric for formal designs. Because leather is thinner than a lot of other fabrics, it creates a sleeker looking shoe that helps you avoid looking bulky below your ankles. Both black and white varieties are fairly universal, so they're easily paired with a variety of different colors and patterns.

After you check out the trending styles, consider which shoes will look best with your current wardrobe before making your purchase. You don't want to get your sneakers home only to realise that they don't go with anything in your closet. Unless, of course, you're looking for an excuse to buy more clothes, and in that case then go right ahead and start shopping blind. However, if you're going to be bold and want to wear your sneakers with a dress (which can be a tricky look to pull off) and you don't want to renovate your entire wardrobe, check out thiscompilation of sneaker and dress combinations first.

And finally, it's worth noting that dirty, scuffed-up sneakers do not look formal. If you don't take care of them, they'll look like just another junky pair of average everyday shoes. Plus—and no, this isn't rocket science—the better care that you take of your things, the longer they'll last. You can prolong the fabric and binding of your sneakers by using the proper cleaning and preservation techniques. Thiscleaning guide from Complex writer Brandon Edler details step-by-step instructions for keeping your shoes looking like new.

For barely any money at all, you can get the necessary tools and accessories to keep your kicks looking like new. There's even a good chance you have a lot of what you need already laying around the house, including things like dish soap and soft bristle brushes. Give your sandals a rest this year. Add a few sneakers to your summer shoe collection and stay ahead of the trend!


  1. I am a little obsessed with my trainers! I love my Stan Smiths and snake print Super Ga's they both look great with all outfits!

  2. Trainers have always been my thing and I've found some super chic pairs the past couple of months for summer and love classic designs such as Adidas Stan Smiths <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture + Giveaway

  3. Ahh I just adore this trend. Comfy too, right!? ;)



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