Thursday, 14 April 2016


Coat - Boohoo // Shirt - eBay // Jeans - Missguided // Shoes - ASOS // Bag - eBay

Although it’s spring, April has a real autumn feel about it, with the still relatively cold evenings and plenty of rain. I’d like to be reaching for cute little dresses and summer sandals but unfortunately my wardrobe is still full of coats and scarves and an outfit like this is still pretty normal at the moment...

It feels like it’s been a while since we last spoke, so hello! I used to post 2/3 outfit posts a week and now I’m lucky if I do that a month so it feels like I miss out on telling you a lot! Since I switched my layout up I’ve been really inspired with my blog. I’ve been making a lot more effort, although last week probably says differently! I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while but I’ve just been so busy. I have about 14 posts which are either half finished, a little bit done or just an idea. I’m making my way through them all, slowly but surely!

Last Sunday I celebrated my 27th birthday... I was 21 when I first started this blog! Now, that is crazy. Saturday was spent shopping in Nottingham at intu Victoria, I’m working with them on a little project at the moment which I’ll be sharing soon.  Although we’re less than half an hour away from the city centre we stayed in a hotel for the night, my parents had very kindly gifted us a voucher and thought it would be the perfect time to use it. Saturday night I ate Italian food, drank cocktails and was asleep by 1am, perfection! Sunday we met my parents for brunch, I had scrambled egg on toast and blueberry pancakes on the side, perfectly acceptable to have 2 breakfasts on your birthday right?

Since then it’s been downhill, I’ve been battling a ‘worse than a cold but not quite flu’ virus all week which has hit me like a tonne of bricks. It’s also meant I’ve missed all of my exercises classes for the week which is making me feel worse! Ugh. I’m just writing this week off and will start again Monday as I’m away all weekend. I’m off to London for the LookFantastic #LFBLOOMS event which I’m really looking forward to, I miss all the events I’m invited to as they’re always in the week but seeing as this is a Saturday I can go, yay! I’m also going to stay at my parents for the night to have a catch up with them. 

As you can see I took my Chloe Faye dupe for a spin, isn't she dreamy? You can read all about her here.


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Photos by 
Jenny Sneap


  1. I wish I could be dressing in spring dresses and skirts also but sadly my coat is still out too!!! I love this outfit and addddore the bag! xx

  2. Simple, yet chic. Love this look!


  3. Cute!

  4. Great outfit! I have been loving the camel colored coats for spring. Very understated but def a staple piece!

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  5. I really like this simple look, the bag is really nice! You look lovely :) x

    - LS

  6. Loving the camel coat! Also can't beat a pair of converse!


  7. This is so so pretty Vic, you look gorgeous! I love your bag too, it's fab x

  8. How time flies! It's great you had a good time, even though years go by it's still cool to celebrate :) I love this outfit, the coat is such a statement piece - and I love the colour of it, it's somehow different from what we usually see!

    Julia x
    Last post: Come to Paris with Me |

  9. love this outfit

  10. You are looking so cute and best outfit for you..That was awesome...pretty looks.....

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