Tuesday 1 March 2016


So you may remember at the start of February I mentioned that I would be getting #FitForFeb. My aim was to increase my workouts and exercise every day. It was quite ambitious I must admit and although I didn’t do every day (I did 20 out of 29), I still did a lot more than I’ve done in years.  In fact, during February I did 1224 minutes worth of exercise and burnt off 6618 calories just from doing that, not bad hey?

I’ve tried to mix my workouts as much as possible and get a good variety to push my body, such as: Spinning, Kickboxing + Karate, Pilates, Yoga, LBT, Running, The 30 Day Shred, Walking, Cycling and Swimming . This month I’ll be focusing more on weights and introduce Kettlebells to my routine.

Recently I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with my weight loss and it was starting to get to me, so instead of focusing on a number on the scales I wanted to focus on myself and how I feel. I took my measurements (in inches) on the 1st and again on the 29th and I was pretty surprised with what I saw:

Bust: -1.5
Chest: +0.5
Waist: -4.5
Hips: -0.5
Leg: -1
Arm:  +0.25

The small increases I’m putting down to muscle which is fine, but losing 7.5 inches off my body is a great start and I’m so happy, especially the -4.5 off my waist alone! I don’t feel any different at all, so I’m glad it took the measurements otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it.

I’ve really enjoyed my #FitForFeb challenge and I’m going to continue it for the foreseeable too. I’ve also joined a new gym which is specifically for exercise classes and part of my membership gives me 12 PT sessions which is awesome. Although I’m still following Slimming World, it’s a bit more loosely than it was previously as I’ve decided to focus on a high fat, low carb diet to see if it makes any difference now I’m doing more.

Two things which have also really helped (and now can’t live without) are the Fitbit Surge which James very kindly gifted me and a Spiralizer. But I’ll be doing a separate post on those shortly.

Here’s to another fitastic month!



  1. That is amazing, go you! This is often a reason why tape measures can be so much more beneficial than the scales!

    Sophie x

    1. Deffo, I'm giving the scales a break! xo

  2. The 4.5 off of your waist is incredible! This post has really made me want to go out there in March and set myself some goals just like you've done!

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  3. You are doing SO well! Keep up the good work! :)

  4. Congratulations! I really need to get back on the exercise wagon, I'm hoping for more dry weather and early mornings so I can get back into jogging. I don't have a gym anywhere near me so it's all home/outdoor workouts for me!
    Rachelle x

    1. Ahh I hate the dark evenings, it's what put me off running! It's getting brighter now though.. yay! :) xo

  5. Amazing job (sorry I sound like Gillian it been doing too much 30 day shred!) love the sound of your new gym I need to find one like this! :)


    1. Haha! ''If you think you're going to die, stick with Anita'' xo

  6. This is so motivating. Thank you!

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