Friday, 26 February 2016

Gift Guide: Supporting Cancer Research With Bloodwise

As we get older, the act of giving a gift can become just as joyous as receiving one. Of course, we all like getting something nice and it makes us feel special, but giving that feeling to someone else, seeing their faces light up and knowing you’ve made them happy is wonderful. This is especially true if your gift is not only making the recipient happy, but also someone else in need of your help; perhaps a mother, father or young child who with your support is able to fight back against a terrible affliction.

Bloodwise, formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, have been funding blood cancer research for over 5 and a half decades. To continue this important research, Bloodwise has put together a selection of fine gifts suitable for a wide range of people, and all available from our online charity shop from which all profits go to our research. A lot of love and care has been put into the design and craft of these items, adequately reflecting our efforts to give people a quality reminder of their support to our goal. So what’s some of the best items you can buy from Bloodwise today in support of cancer research?

In support of Bloodwise, we have books from many reputable organisations such as the Royal Horticultural Society, the BBC, National Geographic and the Women’s Institute. With all proceeds going directly to cancer research, we’re thankful to be able to provide useful books which really make a difference to people’s lives. For cooking fans, we have several books from The Great British Bake-off, each with recipes, tips, and tricks for creating baked goods which would put a smile on Mary Berry’s face. The WI cook book is also a winner, created to celebrate 100 years of the organisation with a collection of the best member recipes by decade.

Bath & Body
There’s nothing quite like pampering yourself in a warm bath after a long day at work, so bath & body products are a popular choice for people looking to support charity whilst also treating themselves. With products from big-name brands such as The Scottish Fine Soaps Company, you can expect a collection of unique and luxurious bath items.

As a token, the Jewellery available for sale on the Bloodwise website makes an excellent token of support, as well as a reminder of the help given to others in need. Highly symbolic are the ‘forget me not’ cufflinks, modelled and named after the flower which has become symbolic of remembrance. The flower has also become a symbol of faithfulness and enduring love, worn my women to represent fidelity. Another popular item is the silverSongbird bracelet, designed by luxury jeweller Estella Bartlett exclusively for Bloodwise.

Toys & Games
Show support for children around the world fighting blood cancer with a range of Bloodwise approved toys and games. We’ve chosen a range which will keep both adults and children happy, including cuddly soft toys, puzzles, craft kits and much more. Particularly popular is the SockPuppet kit, which gives you everything you need to put together some hand-crafted sock creatures with your children and go wild with your own pantomime!

With your help, we can beat blood cancer for good and keep families together longer. Head over to Bloodwise to see everything on offer in our fantastic store, or simply if you’d like to learn more about our work or the forms of blood cancer we fight against.

Please note: this post has not been paid for, I'm sharing for a friend and to raise awareness. 

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