Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Nurture AromaBomb Duo  - £12.50

I love my baths, I also miss them a ridiculous amount, you know this. I've made no secret about it! I've said to James that out next house has to have a bath, it's at the top of my list! So when I do get to have a soak, it's an ultimate treat. Usually this will be if I visit my parents, or if we're staying away and I'll purposely book a hotel room with a tub! A lot of thought goes in to these baths, what products I'll be using, what I'll be reading or listening to and I seriously plan my day/night around it. A couple of weeks ago this beautiful Nurture AromaBomb Duo from Aroma Works arrived for me to try as my next treat. I've never tried aroma products in a bath before so I was super excited to try these and they certainly didn't disappoint! Blended with five 100% pure essential oils such as lavender, calamine and sandalwood, these gorgeous bombs left me feeling totally relaxed and stress free, it was like a total body detox. It was really nice to try something different and I'd certainly have an aroma bath again next time I want to de-stress!

Vipxo aroma works


  1. I love a good bath, I have never tried this brand before but I need to try them now

    Lauren x |

  2. I've never heard of AromaWorks but I do love a good bath! I don't know how your living without one! Xx


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