Thursday, 24 December 2015



You all know I love my flowers and always have a fresh bouquet in the house all year round. As my autumn flowers were on the way out I looked in to getting some Christmas ones which would see me through December. I was really happy with my previous Blossoming Gifts bunch so I was over the moon when they very kindly offered to send me another and let me pick one from their Christmas collection. It was a tough choice as they’re all so gorgeous, but I finally decided on the Cinnamon Spice. I really like the variety of flowers and they include a couple of my favourites, roses and carnations. I think the cinnamon sticks and berries really add a lovely festive touch which I love! These flowers arrived on the 5th December and they’re still going strong although the roses are starting to lose their brightness now but they’ve still got pride of place in the living room and they still look good!

They have some really beautiful bouquets on the site, not only seasonal ones but ones for any occasion too and they’ve very kindly offered another 33% off code for purchases online with the code BGIFTS33.  I used this code to have some flowers sent to my Mum for her birthday last week. With the flowers + delivery it was only £15 which I thought was really good and she loved them! 

I can’t recommend Blossoming Gifts enough as a flower delivery company, their customer service is fab too. I’ll certainly be ordering another bouquet soon! 

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