Monday, 23 November 2015


TOPNobody's Child  // SKIRTNobody's Child // SHOES:  Primark (similar here)

Yayyyyyy an outfit post! It’s been SO long but they’re still one of my favourite posts to do! Unfortunately I don’t get to see Jenny as much as I used to so these posts aren’t as frequent as they used to be but I’m pleased to say I have a few to post over the next few weeks which should keep me going until our next meet up. It’s always funny shooting in a public place as people usually stop and watch you which after all these years you think I’d be used to, but nope, it’s still incredibly embarrassing!

This outfit is from Nobodys Child who very kindly offered me some pieces from their new website. They’re actually pretty reasonable price wise and with £50 I managed to get two tops, a skirt and pinafore dress which you’ll see in another outfit post. They’ve got some really lovely pieces on there at the moment, perfect for the party season! I love this dress!

After having a really busy few weekends recently it was nice to have one at home and it also meant I managed to get loads of blogging stuff done and as it stands I have posts going out every day until 16th December at least! I have my ‘vanity room’ nearly sorted so I’ll do a tour of that soon.
I can’t believe it’s Monday already, and half way through November. This year has literally flown by. It only feels like I’ve been in my job for a month but I’ve been here since April and our holiday to Santorini feels like a distant memory. Next year I’m thinking Iceland for an end of the year trip, it’s still my dream to see The Northern Lights!

I’m super excited for Christmas this year as we’ll at my parents for Christmas day and we’re staying over! I’m such a home bird and the fact I get to spend it with the people I love most is all I want. I can’t wait to play silly games, watch rubbish TV and eat and drink all day and alllll night! Myself and James have decided to have our own Christmas on the 28th as we’re off to Birmingham for shopping and an overnight stay. He very much has the feeling that he’d rather to get me things that I want and not what he thinks he’ll like so this was the best option and who’s going to turn down shopping with the fellas credit card?! We’re staying in the city center in a 4* hotel too so it should be a really lovely couple of days!


Vipxo outfit post Vipxo outfit post Vipxo outfit post
Photos by Jenny Sneap 


  1. I love the skirt, such a gorgeous colour

    Lauren x |

  2. I love the color of the skirt - it's very fall, wintry. Pretty interested to see the vanity room post! I love having a nosy at other people's homes! x

    1. Thanks Alyse! I'm just waiting for a couple more bits to arrive :)

  3. love this skirt


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