Friday, 27 November 2015


It’s been a long time since I did a haul on my blog; to be honest I’ve not had a propa shopping trip in months! I’m avoiding buying any clothes at the moment whilst I’m losing weight so the temptation to head in to Nottingham at the weekend isn’t really there! But it also means I’m not buying any beauty bits either which I guess is good for my bank balance but not for trying new products. So when I attended a Lush bloggers event last month I decided to make the most and pick up some bits whilst I was there.

One of the lovely ladies in the Nottingham store spoke to me about the Salt & Peppermint Bark and I was sold instantly. Containing both peppermint oil and cocoa butter, it not only exfoliates but leaves behind a really lovely scent on your now super soft skin. It’s really fresh smelling too so it’s great first thing in the morning.   

I was also gifted a couple of items, the Oral Pleasure tabs which are infused with rose oil and vanilla, I’m yet to try these yet. The Key Lime Lip Balm which is lovely, I’m a big fan of the lip scrubs and this works beautifully afterwards.

Every year I get my Dad my Dad a lush soap for Christmas as he loves them, so I picked up a couple for him whilst I was there. Garden Soap which is an infusion of rosemary, nettle and tea tree and Yog Nog which I think is my new favourite scent from Lush (RIP Vanilla bath bomb). This one is made with soya yogurt and a dash of spice clove bud, it really is so dreamy!

As I’ve mentioned a couple (hundred) of times before, baths are a rarity and somewhat of a treat for when I visit my parents. As I’ll be there over Christmas this Night Before set is perfect and I can’t tell you how excited I am to indulge with Intergalactic and Snow Angel.
I won’t go in to too much detail about the Cup O Coffee face mask as I’ve got a dedicated post about them coming up as Lush face masks are my favourite and this one in particular smells incredible as I’m sure you can imagine!

And of course, I had to pick up a Snow Fairy because no winter shower is complete without one.

Have you tried anything new from Lush recently? Which is your fave product?


Vipxo Lush HaulVipxo Lush HaulVipxo Lush HaulVipxo Lush Haul
Vipxo Lush HaulVipxo Lush HaulVipxo Lush HaulVipxo Lush Haul


  1. A Lush haul is always exciting! You picked up nice stuff, the Yog Nog soap smells amazing indeed, one of my favourite scents from Lush too. I'm looking forward to reading your review of the Cup O Coffee mask, to know whether I should try it out or not! ;)

    Julia x
    Last post: review of BB Seaweed face mask from Lush! |

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