Monday, 7 September 2015


Jeans: ASOS | JacketDorothy Perkins | Tee: ASOS ConverseJones Bootmaker 

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted an outfit post hasn’t it? I think the last one was around May! It’s always hard trying to find time with Jenny when we both work full time and have had holidays etc but I’m back for a few weeks at least, starting with this casual ensemble!

I LOVE these jeans; in fact this is my 3rd pair. I bought them in the most recent ASOS sale as they were down to £9.50 (there's still a few sizes left) and snapped them up straight away. But as I’m losing weight, the first pair only latest one wear (happy to sell them if anyone wants them, w32) and I needed to size down to the ones above, although these fit me fine on my legs, they’re baggy around the waist so I bought another smaller pair, but I’m not quite in to those yet, but it’s something to aim for! It’s really awkward being between sizes. Dresses I can pick up a 10 and be alright, trousers however can vary between a 10-14! Paired it with another ASOS favourite, this boyfriend tee, a leather jacket and my trusty chucks!

I’m back to work today after a lovely week off, myself and James had planned to do loads but in the end we ended up just majorly chilling and not really doing a lot, it was perfect. We did eat lots of yummy food and drank far too much though, sorry Slimming World! But I managed to get so much blog stuff done which I’m super happy about; I have most of my blog posts planned for the month and I finally got round to editing the rest of my Santorini photos so they’ll be up within the next couple of weeks.

I also started to list some bits on Depop (username VIPXO) there’s not a lot up there at the moment. I’m still tackling the mammoth task of sorting everything out, but I’ll be adding bits during the week and at the weekend. I’ve never used it before, having always sold on eBay but I’ll give it a go!

On a very personal note, I’ve had the all clear from my LLETZ and I’m back to having 6 monthly smears, yay! However I’m having a transvaginal ultrasound in a couple of weeks to see if I have anything happening that shouldn’t be. All of this has been going on for nearly 18 months, and I really hope this will be the last of it and I’ll finally have some answers. I feel a lot better though and my symptoms have all gone so I’m hopeful! Wish me luck!

photos by Jenny Sneap


  1. Great outfit, right up my street!x

  2. Hi Victoria, your hair looks great here! And I like how your style all these classic pieces together, the result is really cool and chilled out :)

    Julia xx
    | |

  3. The outfit looks great and so happy to hear about the all clear! x

  4. You always look amazingggg Vic! So gorgeous x

  5. Lovely outfit - glad you're feeling better and hope everything goes well for you!

    Sophie | DenimMondays

  6. I love the jean rips and your hair is looking lush lady! xx

  7. love the jeans with this leather

  8. Love the jeans with the sneakers. Great casual look.


  9. I love your hair!

    Lauren x

  10. Loving this outfit, especially the jeans! Have you considered putting the extra pair on depop? I'm a 32" waist and would love a pair!

    Really enjoying your slimming world posts too, so many good ideas being shared.

    Emily xx


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