Friday, 11 September 2015


Week 7 on Slimming World has been good, in a way. I didn’t have a very big loss, just 0.5lbs keeping my weight loss at still 8lbs. But that’s ok because I feel the best I have done in a long time. I went for a 5 mile bike ride on Saturday and I’ve started running again this week, nothing too major, but I’ve been every day this week and I’ve already made massive progress knocking nearly a minute off Mondays run. I struggle with exercise because I tend to put weight on, but get smaller, which isn’t ideal when you’re doing something like Slimming world and get weighed every week. But, I’m hoping I’m just suffering with a bit of muscle inflammation and if I carry on which I 100% plan on doing I’ll start to see the benefits.

On to what I've been eating in the past week. Ok I’ll admit I didn’t get back on plan until Saturday, I was still in holiday mode on Friday and went to Annies Burger Shack in Nottingham for lunch. But from Saturday I was back on it and have been ever since. I’ve kept to plan, low on syns and have actually really enjoyed this week. Usual breakfast has been fruit and yogurt, lunches have been quiche, although one day I did have a salad from Morrisons and really enjoyed that so may have that again one day next week. For dinner I’ve been having my favourites, fish pie, spaghetti bolognaise and chicken, sweet potato & spinach curry. I haven’t tried anything new this week, getting back in to a routine with work and running each evening has taken up my time but I’ve seen a couple of recipes from the new magazine which I’d like to try. My little Dairy Milk bars have been left in the cupboard this week too and I’ve been opting for Hi Fi bars instead. I know 2 would be classed as my HexB but I’ve just been having the one as it takes my sweet craving away and its nice knowing its syn free! Although I'm planning on staying on plan 100% for the next week, I am out tomorrow night for dinner and drinks. But it's ONE meal and ONE evening, so hopefully that won't effect me toooo much! 

Favourite meal last week? I really enjoyed spaghetti bolo, I’ve not had that for so long and it was really nice comfort food to have after my first run.
Learnt anything new? I don’t need to have a chocolate bar to get rid of my sweet tooth, Hi Fi bars do just the trick.
Complete last weeks aims? Yep! Well, from Saturday anyway!
Aims for this week? To carry on running and increase my miles slowly.
Any new dishes to try? There’s a raspberry dessert I saw in the magazine I’m going to give a go, I think it was a sort of tiramisu type thing. Sounded amazing anyway!
Wanting to lose? I’d like a bit of a bigger loss next week, so I’d be happy with whatever. 2 would be great.

Week One -3lbs
Week Two -3lbs
Week Three -1.5bs
Week Four -0.5lbs

Total loss: 8lbs

Off topic: I've created a 5Q survey about my blog, I would really appreciate it if you could take a sec to take part (link here) thank you!



  1. All this food looks so yummy! I'm really enjoying following this journey!

    Stephanie xxx

  2. Even though I'm not on a slimming world plan or anything like that I really enjoy keeping up with your progress. Also your food pics look amazing! Who said healthier food had to be boring. xx

  3. congrats! and omg that food looks delicious

  4. The food looks so good and congrats on your total loss so far!

  5. hi girl! Love this post, I used to do slimming world, hope its going well! Well done on your loss so far! When I was on it I used to loove the carbonara! Also Im the same when i excercise i seem to build muscle so easy and put on weight, struggle :( hehe xo


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