Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Some of you may know, most probably don’t, but I did my degree at Harrogate collage so I know Harrogate pretty well, including the famous Bettys. I’ve been visiting for years, but it’s been a couple of years since I last experienced their delicious afternoon tea. The last time was when myself and Mumma Price went up to Yorkshire for the weekend had called in on our way back home.
Bettys very kindly invited me up to Harrogate for another dose of Afternoon Tea but unfortunately I couldn’t make it which I was super gutted about.  I have to turn a lot of things down now I’m no longer a full time blogger, and this was one I was genuinely gutted about as it looked wonderful. However, all was not lost. The lovely Alice from Bettys kept me in the loop and very kindly sent me out a little hamper full of Bettys goodies to celebrate Yorkshire Day! I know I’m very lucky to be able to get some amazing opportunities thanks to my blog, but honestly, the thoughtfulness of it really blew me away and I couldn’t believe it when this parcel arrived on my doorstep one Saturday morning.

This didn’t come at the best time as I’d just started Slimming World two days before, but I did indulge in a fair few Fondant Fancies and those little chocolate bees were to die for. My family and friends benefited from the Florentines too so not a single sweet treat went to waste! My Bettys mug and teabags have come to work with me so I’m making my way through them too.

Thank you again Bettys for this incredible gift, it was very much appreciated!



  1. What a lovely hamper!
    I am visiting York in November, I think I will definitely be taking a trip to Betty's whilst I am there. <3

    Christie x

  2. Aww what a sweet gift! The treats all look delicious, and the mug is super cute :) xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  3. those seem so sweet and delicious

  4. I love the design of Betty's, the bees look so cute! I would love to go and have afternoon tea there one day. It's so lovely to hear that they put a lot of love into your hamper.
    Emma Xx

  5. I spy Betty's florentines! We went to York on Yorkshire Day and that's exactly what I bought... Yum.

    pierrelecat | jewellery, travel & book blog

  6. How cute is that! Love the mug

    Lauren x

  7. I live just outside of York and have never been into either of the Betty's there, however I was blown away with the friendly service in the Harrogate cafe. It was pouring down and the bf and I had ben walking around Harlow Carr. We only went in for a macaroon each and the ladies were super helpful and non-judgemental about our drowned-rat appearance. Much more welcoming than I originally thought it would be. Might have to take a trip back to create myself a hamper (or two)!


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