Thursday, 20 August 2015


Rock Pamper Scissors is a fairly new website, built entirely for you to be able to find local hairdressers easily and see the work they’ve already created. I know from personal experience picking the right salon to get your hair sorted can sometimes be a challenge. I’ve been places before where literally all they did was cuts, another which had no idea what ‘Ombre’ was and another where they just pretty much did what they wanted anyway. It can be a nightmare! But with Rock Pamper Scissors you can see looks the salon as created on real people, with similar hair to yours so you can see how they’ve worked their magic. So whether you’re looking for a trim, a restyle of a total hair make over then you can be confident when picking the right salon. The images really do help, I’ve just lost a lot of my lusting over some of the looks and now I really want to switch my hair up. At the moment, it’s still early days but already I think this concept is brilliant and I’d love to see it rolled out to my area. But for now, if you ladies are based in Manchester then check out some of their hairdressers in Manchester and find the perfect salon to create your dream look. 


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  1. This is such a good idea!! I'll definitely be taking a look at this. Great post!! xx


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