Tuesday, 11 August 2015


In a perfect world, I'd have a perfectly polished Pinterest home and I know i'm not alone in this. But time, effort and money isn't on my side so instead of over hauling and re designing each room whenever I get bored, it's all about adding little touches. I love fresh flowers, more often than not i'll have a fresh bunch sitting on the side each week. I was very kindly sent this Avalanche Rose & Peony bouquet from Blossoming Gifts, there's nothing quite like waking up to a flower delivery on a Saturday morning. They have a wide range to choose from, including different colours, flowers suited to occasions and some for under £20. They've even kindly offered you guys 33% off with the code BGIFTS33. I used it to send my Mum a fresh bunch as I've not seen her for a while! Up next I've got these Chevron cushions from TWOFIVEFIVE, i decided to go with the lime green colour as i thought they'd go best with the brown and neutral tones we have but add a bit of colour. They're really comfy, studded with duck feather inserts which are approx 20 x 20 giving the cushion a full look. They've very kindly also given you guys a discount with code VIP15 which gives you 15% off everything in storeThe cushions do come in other colours and pattern too. The lantern is something you've probably seen before from Flamingo Gifts, however It's no longer available, but there are similar ones on eBay here. Speaking of eBay, those little letters I bought from there too for a mere £1.19. The little house tea light candle is from Wilkos (last years Christmas collection) and the candles I've just randomly picked up. Small details but they've made a big difference! 

Have you ever sent flowers by post? Which colour/pattern cushion is your favourite?



  1. Love the letters! Such a simple yet personal touch for any home xxx


  2. The cushion is super cute! This post really made me want to buy flowers, going on my to-do list! Will find some tomorrow hopefully :D

  3. This all looks beautiful, you just can't beat fresh flowers :)
    Love Holly x


  4. I love the idea of adding little touches to a room, so simple yet it can make it look so beautiful! I adore the bouquet of flowers! :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for a follow!

  5. The letters are so cute! And a flower bouquet is always a nice addition to any room :)

    Julia xx

  6. Gorgeous flowers, your home looks lovely :)

    Fran Leanne x


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