Monday, 13 July 2015


So you guys may remember the #SmearForSmear social media campaign at the start of year to encourage us ladies to pop along and have our smear tests done. I wrote about my experiences in this post and as it's been a good few months now i thought i'd give you an update.

In the last post I mentioned waiting for my results, those results came back giving me the all clear. Which i'm sure you'll agree is fantastic. But knowing my body I did find it hard to believe that that was it. Months went by without any incidents and I thought everything was alright. Until last month, when i unexpectedly started bleeding one evening. Very heavily, with lots of clots. I wasn't due on, i was no where near to having Mother Nature call so I knew something wasn't right. I waited it out, but after waking up covered I knew I had to do something. I spoke to a doctor who said I needed to go to hospital. I had a pregnancy test, negative. I was externally and internally examined and had to see a number of different consultants. But finally, they predicted I had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease due to my previous problems and was given a course of strong antibiotics for 2 weeks, when i would then be examined again. If untreated, PID can be quite horrific and there's a high chance it could lead to infertility. However the nurse said that it was 'very unlikely' but I guess only time will tell if there's been long term damage, or any damage at all as it might not have been that all long. No one seems to know what's going on to be honest! Anyway, I was examined again and then referred to have a biopsy done 'just to make sure' so I had what would be my 3rd Colposcopy. Which actually ended up being the worst one, I was in so much pain it was unbearable. This was 4 weeks ago and I now have my results which showed moderate abnormal cells again, which quite frankly should have been removed the LAST time i had them. But who's to argue with a professional? Anyway, I've been booked in to have LLETZ two weeks today. I'm being put under general anesthetic too which I've very thankful for! I'd like to say I hope this is the end of it but after a year who knows?! I feel like this is probably going to be on going for a while but at least it's being sorted. If i hadn't have gone to my smears and been repeatedly tested my story might be a lot different so as unpleasant and uncomfortable this all is I'm glad i went.

So please go and get your tests done, please don't be scared. It's just so important and nothing's more important than your health. If I can make one person go then I've done something right with this blog!



  1. Oh gosh, you're so brave! Fingers crossed you're ok but I'm glad you found the problem before it got progressively worse. <3

    Paula ♥ | xo

  2. praying for you!

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  3. It sounds like you've gone through such an ordeal, I hope it's all sorted now, you poor thing!
    Katy x

  4. My parents wanted me to have a smear when I was 21, around the time Jade Goody passed away, which I had done privately. Mine came back with abnormal cells which led to me having a Colposcopy. I know and feel your pain, I have tried to describe how unpleasant having an anaesthetic in your cervix is to my friends and still to this day I squirm at the thought. Seeing as this was four years before the age I was even meant to have a smear on the NHS in the first place, I am lucky I got it checked out and received treatment when I did as it could have been more serious. Good luck with your treatment and I hope you get well soon xX

    ~ ~


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