Monday, 20 July 2015

Santorini Part 2 - Food & Drink

As you can imagine food and drink on a Greek island is incredible. I’m not going to lie, we really did eat and drink a lot, all day, every day and it was brilliant. As I’ve mentioned before where we were staying it was self catering, so we just had drinks there in the evenings. But for everything else we ventured out to the beach as that’s where all the bars and restaurants are. We made a point of going somewhere different for lunch and dinner so we got to try out as many places as possible which was great as everywhere really was different and we got to try all different food. We didn’t really have breakfast, maybe a bit of fruit and bread a couple of days and we went out one morning towards the end just to see what it was like, my mushroom, spinach and feta omelette was to die for! For the two of us, with drinks, lunch was usually about 20Euros and dinner was upwards of 40 Euros which we thought was pretty reasonable as it included starters, mains and drinks. Local beer and wine is about 3/4 Euros and spirits/cocktails are upwards of 5 Euros, more around the 7/8 area but they’re pretty generous and not measured. Being on an island there's plenty of fish to choose from too and it's a lot cheaper than over here. We had a seafood risotto one night which was delicious! Believe me when I say they put feta with everything by the way and I mean literally everything, even for breakfast and I don’t mean a little sprinkle I mean full on blocks of the stuff! They love, we love and it I’m now having cheese withdrawals! Close to our hotel was a little supermarket which was brilliant, they had everything you could need and didn't cost a bomb either. We went there a couple of times during the week for fruit, bread, snacks, water etc. You could get a 2L bottle of house wine for 3Euros which was perfect for James (I don't like it), he even wanted to fill his suitcase full for the way home but I talked him out of it... eventually!  The service we had was always great too, everyone was really friendly and always happy to chat to you. A couple of places give you free dessert too! The one thing i am disappointed with is we didn't get to try any waffles, we'd walked past this place everyday and said we'd go back but in the end we just didn't have time. Oh well, it gives me a perfect excuse to go back.. to try the waffles!

Please note food and drinks were much more expensive in Oia. We stayed and ate out in Perissa.



  1. My sister and I are going to Santorin in September and this was a very helpful post! I've been wondering how pricy the food would be... Everything looks delicious! Can't wait :D

    Valérie | Moonlit Stories

  2. Wow! The food looks amazing! Very Jealous!

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise

  3. Santorini is right up there on my bucket list and after seeing these foodie photos are know it's definitely a place I HAVE to go! It all looks so delicious and mouth watering, please tell me you had some chicken souvlaki whilst you were out there to? me and my boyfriend literally lived off it whilst we were in Kefalonia!

  4. This post has made me one very hungry girl! All the food looks so scrummy, and those drinks look beyond incredible! x

  5. It all looks and sounds so yummy! It's making me hungry!
    Emma Xx

  6. I love Greece, Santorini is on our wish list for next summer :) xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  7. I've always wanted to visit Santorini! All this food looks delicious and all the cocktails look solo pretty. Looks like you had a very enjoyable holiday :) x
    Charlotte's Road // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. Oh wow these meals look delicious!! xx

  9. That all looks so delicious! x

    Ellé |

  10. I love Santorini! great post

  11. So how am I supposed to diet, when there is so much tasty and beautiful food on the Planet Earth?
    Fashion Blog | Instagram

  12. I should NOT have read this post at this time of night.. so hungry now! X


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