Monday, 15 June 2015


I must admit I've never actually heard of Mainline Menswear, but i guess that because I'm usually online shopping for myself. James is very much of a 'see it in person' type of shopper so I tend to leave him to it and as for my Dad, well, he's just set in his ways. My Dads birthday falls at the end of May which makes Father's Day shopping sometimes a bit difficult and usually it'll be an Itunes voucher, a bottle of a wine and a book he's had on his wishlist. But this year i wanted to get him something different and something he wouldn't be expecting, so when this parcel arrived the other day, that job of finding him something special had been done for me with the help of Mainline Menswear. They'd sent me a nice little package with two designer t shirts, a pair of socks, a pint glass, some saving smellies and some mints. It's a genius little gift set and it's quite simply perfect for my Dad. As for the website, that's pretty good too. It's full of designer goodies at a really decent price with loads to choose from. I've already introduced James to the website to pick up some bits for our holiday and it's certainly a website i'll keep in mind for Christmas. 

What are you getting your Dad for Father's day on Sunday?


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  1. This looks like a few really nice things to give for Father's Day. I have no idea yet what I'm going to get for my dad, haha :)


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