Saturday, 2 May 2015


Last weekend I headed down to Birmingham to visit the pop up candy shop for Nina Ricci Les Delices perfume. It was a really nice and sweet (excuse the pun) event and it was a fun way to spend my Saturday. Since then, this wonderful box of goodies has arrived and the best thing is i have one of these to give away to you guys! 

The box includes:
Nina Les Delices perfume - Nina branded Papa Bubble sweets - Pink and white candy cane - Pink rose bath bombs - Pink heart-shaped post-it notes - Essie nail varnish and topcoat, two of the colours being used on the day - Kryolan nail/face/lip/eye glitter- Les Delices imagery printed marshmallows, 

For the launch of the perfume, a new game was created, The Delices of Nina and available in the App Store. If you've played candy crush before, it's very similar to that. It's super fun and incredibly addictive! It's free to download too.

So, to win this awesome box of goodies, all you have to do is play the game and screen grab/take a picture of your highest score! The highest scorer will win the prize! Please tweet me your entries so I can count you in. Good luck! Competition ends 18/05/15.



  1. Such a great giveaway! Downloading immediately.

    Huge PRIMARK Haul May 2015 + Try on!

  2. What a fun giveaway because a game is involved!
    I'm not good in playing video games but I'll try my
    best c: Xx

  3. Dowloaded Gabriela Aguilar


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