Monday, 13 April 2015

#geniusjeans from George @ ASDA - A Weekend Away

I love a weekend away, any excuse to pack up for a few days and get away, I’m all over that. But I know how frustrating it is to pack for everything. When I was at uni I used to go away a lot, either stay with friends who were also at uni or back home to see the parents. I’ve done my far share of travelling lightly and I know how important is to have a decent bag. No one has time for lugging around a suitcase! So when George @ Asda contacted me about a collaboration post focusing on a weekend away I thought it’d be a really fun post to do.

George are brilliant for affordable clothing and their jeans are pretty awesome. They’ve got a campaign running at the moment - #geniusjeans, where they’re highlighting just how awesome they are (I can totally back this up!).

When I go away I plan outfits in advance to safe space, usually picking for a couple of casuals and something for the night out which you’ll see in two outfit posts I’ve got coming up. When it comes to clothing i’m usually a light packer, however when it comes to beauty products, well, that’s another matter...!

What are your packing habits? Do you take everything but the kitchen sink?



  1. I pack anything and everything for all occasions or weather :') I am SO bad! I love that bag though and that underwear SO much!! Xx

  2. I want this bag!!

  3. lovely post Victoria, I need to check out George again, I keep forgetting how good the brand is and how affordable their pieces are <3

  4. I need a weekend away. I haven't been on a nice little UK break for a couple of years.

    I would never have thought of buying jeans from Asda, I'll have to have a look. That shirt is lovely and summery :)

  5. How did you find their bras fitted?? Were they true to your size and comfortable? Its always the same with me, I'll try a bra on and it'll seem to fit great but after a days wear I'm constantly having to reposition myself in it!! Grrr

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