Monday, 1 December 2014


Shirt: F&F Jeans: J Brand Bag: eBay | Shoes: eBay

Sometimes you just need a really casual outfit with fancy accessories to complete the outfit. I love my replica YSL bag and Valentino shoes, i wear them all the time and they're by far one of my best eBay purchases I've ever made. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect Ralph Lauren jumper, a navy long sleeve strip one. Similar to one my Mum had when i was a little girl. Is this a sign i'm getting old now?!

Hello December! I am SO feeling the festive season this year. I am super excited for Christmas and despite the fact i work in retail and my days fall on Christmas Eve, NYE and New Years Day, i am embracing the season and going to make it amazing! I've almost finished my shopping and plans are falling in to place. Next step is putting the tree up which hopefully will be happening tonight, hurrrah! Now, pass me the ELF DVD and feed me Quality Streets!

(ppssssstttt.. spotted the snow yet?!)

photos by Jenny Sneap


  1. great outfit! love that shirt, and the bag is soo cute! xo


  2. Absolutely gorgeous outfit. And one that you could pair with ballet pumps too for something a little more casual. We put up our tree on keen!

  3. Love the Florence and Fred blouse...really stylish..;)

  4. I love that blouse - I've been looking for either a blouse or fine knit jumper in that print for ages and this is perfect. Great to hear you've got a lovely Christmas planned :)

    P.S. Spotted the it!

  5. Gorgeous outfit and I love the snow! x

  6. love this look

  7. Simple and chic - I'm living in the kinda thing at the moment. So easy and comfy, but always delivers! x

  8. So beautiful Vic, you look lovely x

  9. Love that shirt, looks gorgeous on you

    Jenna xo


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