Monday, 10 November 2014


All items are from F&F.


Ok, so first let me apologize for the somewhat questionable photos. As you can probably tell it was absolutely chucking it down at the time and well, getting 'yo pose on in the rain isn't ideal. Nor was shooting an outfit in Nottingham city center on a Saturday either! But big love to Jenny for coming out and taking these for me, what a star! 

You may recognize this outfit from the F&F #AutumnSOS competition i took part in at the start of last month, here's the post if you want to check it out. Unfortunately the bag was out of stock when i went to order it so I've featured this metallic clutch instead. I really hope I've helped add a bit of colour to an A/W wardrobe and keeps with the Autumn feel. I really like this outfit, i just wish i could have done it more justice and shot it in better weather!

Speaking of the rubbish weather, Alton Towers on Friday didn't happen which i was super gutted about. We were contemplating going on Saturday too but again the weather was rubbish, so instead we drove out in to the Derbyshire countryside and found a pub to have a lovely lunch in ended up being there for about 3 hours. It was lovely to sit in the warm with the rain hitting the windows. I love afternoons like that! 

I'm now off work for the week after racking up some holiday days which needed taking, although i'm only part time and work a couple of days a week it's meant i'm now off for 9 days! Woooohooo! Can't wait to spend my week blogging!

photos by Jenny Sneap


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, despite the rain! The weather has been a little crazy recently. Enjoy your days off! x

  2. Really love this outfit, I think I have to make the skirt mine! I think the wet weather just adds to the ambiance in the pics :) xx

  3. As someone else said, I think this colour combination is gorgeous. Pretty outfit :)

    Kirsty X

  4. So so cute Vic, you look lovely x

  5. great skirt

    giveaway on my blog!

  6. This is such a cute outfit! Xx

  7. I heart times infinity this colour combination! I have a scarf with these exact colours (minus the black) and it's just the cheeriest thing ever to wear in Winter. Looks awesome with your hair too!

    Demi |

  8. Love this outfit F&F and so on point at the moment x


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