Thursday, 18 September 2014

H&M A/W14 Feminine With Attitude

COAT - £79.99 // JUMPER - £14.99 // SKIRT - £14.99 // NECKLACE - £3.99 //
 BAG - £34.99 // BROW KIT - £2.99 // NAIL POLISH & LIP PENCILS - £2.99 // SHOES - £39.99

COAT- £49.99 // DRESS - £14.99 // SCARF - £12.99 // NAIL POLISH - £1.99 
// EYESHADOWS  & PENCILS - £3.99 // BRACELET - £9.99 // BAG - £24.99 

HAT - £14.99 // SHIRT - £24.99 // TROUSERS - £179.99 // BRALET - £12.99 
// COAT - £29.99 // BAG - £29.99 // BOOTS - £69.99 // EYESHADOW & LINER - £3.99

TROUSERS - £34.99 // JUMPER - £49.99 // CARDIGAN - £39.99 // EARRINGS - £9.99 
// BRONZER - £4.99 // SCARF - £44.99 // SHOES - £39.99

Ahhh H&M, a purse friendly and fashionable brand which is always a 'go to' store on the high street. I've had a sneak peak at their new A/W pieces, where they've created a 'feminine with attitude' collection. Above are my favourites so I've put a bit of a look together for some inspiration. Most of these items are already out, some are hitting the stores later in the month and the rest in October, but I've linked to the ones available now if you're interested in snapping up these beauties yourself! Happy shopping girls!



  1. What a bunch of amazing picks! I love all four collages and everything in them... I need that pink jacket especially. These posts are my absolute fave and I've found myself checking your blog daily for them recently (stalker) lool... I'm addicted! :)

  2. Love the grey jersey dress so much! Can't believe it's only £14.99! Josie xxx

  3. WOW! This post is fantastic! The beauty range from H&M looks amazing!


  4. Oh my, the coat in the second look is just to die for! Such gorgeous picks Vic, I just love everything x

  5. Loving H&M's A/W collection.

  6. Great post, I love the wraparound skirt xx

  7. I've been loving h&m recently, its one of those shops I go in a either find loads of things I like or nothing. I picked up some nice things yesterday and had to stop myself from spending too much money! I like the outfits you have picked and the way to have styled your collages xx

  8. Gah! I went into H&M the other day and I cannot wait for payday to come round. Some of the items you've picked here are definately going in the basket.

  9. the all black look and the plaid look are my favorites

  10. I love this post and pretty much every single thing you've shared, ahhh I need a H&M trip!! The pink coat and grey bag are absolutely beautiful :)
    Love Holly xx

  11. Great picks! Autumn is definitely my favourite season - love layering!

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  12. I really like these pink coat <3

  13. I bought some awesome ankle boots in H&M yesterday, took them to the till and they were in the sale for £15! Couldn't believe my luck!

    Only bugbear with H&M is the queues. Every store I go in theres always a huge line and only one person serving. I'm usually too inpatient to wait & just walk out - cutting off my nose to spite my face I know!

    Jen xx

  14. Looks so beautiful! Lots of love


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