Wednesday, 3 September 2014


A few of these products I've had for a while which are rediscovers and others are brand new which i can't get enough of.

This Elizabeth Arden blush has been sat in a draw for the longest time, to be honest i had completely forgotten about it but i decided to give it a go for the month of August. As summer was in to its final month and the weather started to change dramatically i wanted something that would fit in with the autumnal tones. This shade is plum, so it's a light purple and it looks lovely with a bit of bronze. I tend to stick to peachy and pink tones so this has made a nice change. It's long lasting being a cream formula and you only need a little. I picked it up from Fragrance Direct for only £5, the usual retail price is upwards of £24 so it was a bit of a bargain! Unfortunately it looks like it's sold out at the moment, but keep popping back if you're interested in trying it too! Ah Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, the holy grail of make up removers. I wont bang on about this too much as you've probably read a lot about this award winning product already, but it's something I've continued to use for years now and highly recommend it.

You've probably seen this MUA 'Heaven & Earth' palette a million times, in fact I've probably used it a million times! But it's always a nice palette to go back to every now and again. Like i said before with us approaching Autumn, my make up tends to get a bit darker and so these natural earth toned shades are perfect for creating a smokey eye. It's only £4 too! 

I do love a good red lipstick and after reading about this Rimmel Kate Moss one in shade #10 l i knew i had to try it. It has great colour pigmentation and applies really easy, but the only downside is i found it to be quite drying, so i usually wear this with a clear gloss and lip balm base. Longevity isn't the best either, but if you don't mind reapplying like me then that's not an issue. Perfect for glam nights out with a smokey eye!

Curly locks have been a big fave of mine since i had ombre back in my life and keeping them looking sleek has been a big must so I've been trying different products. One I've really liked is the Toni & Guy Classic Wave Memoriser and it has worked wonders for my locks. You can see an example right here! Ah The Body Shop Body Butters, you know the drill. They're hydrating, moisturising, heavenly scented and ahhhh just so yummy! Heads up, The Body Shop have a 40% off sale on at the moment, goooo! 

As you can see I've used this Joan Collins Nail Lacquer a lot. In fact, it's one of the best polishes I've used in a while. The colour is fab (shade Helene), the finish is lovely and it lasts for days which brilliant as i'm quite hands on. I keep going back to this polish as it's just so nice and so me! Although a little pricey for some, you certainly get your pennies worth and I really like it! I wanted to include this Dorothy Perkins Watch as i think it's lovely and nice to add a little bit of colour to a plain outfit. 





  1. I really want to try that cleanse

  2. Such lovely picks! I love Liz Earle C&P, it really is a holy grail product! x


  3. The Body Shop are probably my ultimate favourite right now, their argan oil collection is GORGEOUS.

    Georgina from

  4. Can't beat the body shop moisturisers! I have the Shea butter in the lip balm and it smells divine.

  5. I love the MUA palettes, I'm going to search for mine now!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. great picks! Love your watch x


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