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It's been 4 and a half year since I first posted my first ever blog post and VIPXO became a massive impact on my life. Sometimes I feel as though it was on yesterday, other times I feel like it's been a lot longer and I guess that's where my problem has been recently.

Now don't get me wrong, I know wholeheartedly, how lucky I am to call my blog my job (I do other freelance bits too). To be able to spend my days in comfy clothes, drinking tea and eating too many biscuits whilst spending hours planning, photographing (and shopping), interacting and browsing. It all sounds perfect doesn't it? It doesn't matter if it's raining. I get to stay indoors. But seeing as I work from home this can be a pretty lonely place too. Sure, it's lovely to put the radio on as loud as I possibly want and dance around my office whilst waking my legs up from sitting down. I get to see the postman on a daily bases which means I don't have to stand in massive ques at the local post office getting glares for picking up a million parcels. But it also means that sometimes I don't speak to a single person, apart from a quick phone call from Mum at lunch, until my boyfriend gets in from work. And sometimes, that's pretty tough. Because I work from home, it's easier for me to do house duties too such as food shopping, washing, cleaning etc. I'm not saying I do it all, my fella is awesome when it comes to stuff like that. But it's difficult trying to explain to people that 'yes, just because I work at home it doesn't mean I have time to sit around doing nothing' because I really don't. Sometimes my eBay related posts take hours to put together and I know you youtube girls spend hours editing videos too. I also have to take a few hours out a week to meet with Jenny who does my photos. If you do outfit posts you know how much planning they take. I also work for an agency which can be time consuming too. It's just about finding the right balance of time management and I guess for the past few months, my 'real' life has been more important to me and blogging has taken a back seat.

When people ask about blogging, one of the questions I get asked the most is how I stay motivated. That's something I’ve really struggled with over the past few months too which i'm sure you can probably tell. With blogging being such a massive community now, it's a lot different to how it was when I first started and I guess I feel a massive amount of pressure to keep my content fresh and interesting so sometimes it's easier to just not post at all. It can be disheartening when posts you put a massive amount of effort in to only get a small amount of views and little comments and recently it's seriously put me off doing anything at all. With big bloggers and youtubes literally taking the world by storm, it's hard to compete and I can't help but ask myself is VIPXO old news now? I'd like to think it isn't and you enjoy reading my blog but I guess everything has an expiration date and I’m wondering when mine is.

Another side of blogging which makes me turn off my laptop and hide it in a corner is the gossip, the nasty and hurtful comments a group of girls submit on a certain website. This is nothing new, and it won't end any time soon. It's not nice seeing someone pick apart things you hate about yourself or an outfit you love being criticised, or my biggest spoken about topic... my weight. This seriously puts me off posting anything, whether it's on my blog, twitter or Instagram for the fear of being spoken about in such a negative way. I'm all for constructive criticism by the way, but it's just plain bitchy. I've had some health problems this year, it's not anything I’ve documented because it's irreverent, but I just wish these girls would take a moment to think before they type because your words could do a lot of damage. Remember, bloggers/tubers only post a part of their life they want you to see and probably 99% of it stays behind closed doors. I know you're probably thinking, 'just ignore it' and you're right. To be honest i do a lot of the time. But if you've had a bad day, it can just really drag you down and it's hard to not let it bother you. I guess that's just life, and it's part of the package of posting about yourself online. Whether that's right or wrong.

Reading this back, it all sounds incredibly negative towards blogging. But I felt like I really need to write this all down and get it off my chest as they say. It's funny because since writing this I feel a lot better already and it was only the other day I tweeted that I was falling back in love with blogging again and it's true. I have so much content planned and i'm getting fantastic opportunities coming my way. Maybe I needed to take a few months off to make realise how much I do love blogging, and aside from the small negatives, the community is a supportive and loving place to be. I've made some amazing friends from my blog and I've managed to work with some amazing brands over the past few years and it's made me really excited to see where my blog goes. I know I’ve not said this enough, but seriously thank you to every single person who clicks on my blog and has stuck with me through my little hiatus. It's because of you I get to go a days without sticking a bra on spend a little too long taking an afternoon shower. I'm going to try and make much more of an effort with regards to blogging, not worry about my content or what people think and just post whatever i want when i want. I'm going to make more of an effort to leave comments on every post i read too. It's all about sharing the blogger love! Thanks again you beautiful people and massive kudos if you've read all this, you're even more awesome than i thought!


  1. wonderfully written post - i know exactly how you feel with the whole working from home and literally not seeing a single human being until the boy gets home!!! I recently started up my own business and working from home is ridiculously lonely. I feel sad that you have to see bitter comments from silly little girls. You don't deserve it at all, but you have all of us behind you - and supporting. You're fabulous xxx
    well done for posting this :) xxx

  2. I think sometimes it takes a bit of a break to just get your thoughts together & figure out how you truly feel about something. I think a lot of bloggers or creatives/content creators in general go through the same thing every once in a while :)

    I think a lot of people are so obsessed now with becoming the biggest & best or most unique, that they forget the simplicity of blogging and how much fun it can be when you just type out a post spontaneously and hit publish (which are sometimes the most popular or best kinds of posts to read, imo).

    Anyway - rambling! But I'm glad you're posting again :) and I definitely feel you with the lonely house job thang. I think I talk to my pet rat more than any human for the majority of the week, hah!

    Sam | TinyPaintPot xx

  3. I love your blog and have been reading for a couple of years. I appreciate the time you spend on posts and LOVE your ebay posts. The blogging world seems amazing but your highlighting the REAL problems which is excellent. Keep doing what your doing xx

    Claire xx

  4. Glad to see you back, i've been feeling the same recently so i know where you are coming from, lovely written post and a break is always good :) Looking forward to your future posts :)

  5. I work freelance now and spend 4 days solid on my blog, and even that's not enough! I get you girl, you do so well though and your's is one of my all time favourites :)


  6. I know its diffucult but as they old saying goes, sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, ignore there jealousy, you are a lovely person inside and out and people who truly care about you will see this in you, you dont need to listen to a minorities opinion of you!

    Hopefully we can all take on board this post and stick together, were all in the same boat!

    <a href=" Boo Blog</a>

  7. This is the first comment I have posted on a blog, and i follow a list as long as my arm! I have always read your posts, bought things from your eBay posts (The world watch being my favorite). and just because your are low on comments, I'm pretty sure I'm up there with hundreds of people that just like to read, and a comment isn't something they feel they need to do.
    I think your blog is great and you should keep it up, its always refreshing to hear what you've been up too, chin up Victoria.

  8. Great post, well said! Don't let the bitchiness get to you, your the one that has worked hard to make this your job and they are only jealous! Love your ebay posts by the way always stop by for a read :-) xx

  9. So glad you're getting back into blogging, although my blog is no where near as viewed/successful as yours I also have times when I feel a little deflated and disheartened with it all - I question why anyone would ever care/want to read what I have to say over others that have time to post twice a day or have a way with words much better than me ...but then remember who I started my blogging hobby for - me!

    Personally I prefer less clean cut, editorial style blogs as it makes them more relatable to someone like me. I can read a magazine if I want flashy pictures and fancy content. I much prefer to get to know the person behind the blog with a more down-to-earth writing style and more candid pictures.

    Unfortunately when we put ourselves on the internet we're also opening ourselves up to criticism. I think that if someone registers to a website just to be mean or rude about another then it says more about them than anything they write about you. They're also helping drive traffic to your blog!

    I'm excited to read more from VIPXO and am very glad you have your blogging mojo back! :)

    Jen xx

  10. I love your blog Victoria and you're one of the best and one of the first blogs I followed which actually inspired me to blog and your one of my favourite as well. Your content is always amazing and unique and you always have a positive attitude towards stuff even with the negative comments, those people are jealous and have no better things to do but waste their time belittling other people, it's just sad.
    I love your blog Victoria and even with the competitive blogging/Ytubing now, you'll always stick out as your blog is amazing. I can't wait for more posts :)

  11. I'm still here! I blog in a completely different area to you, but I know how it feels. My blog has done well considering that it's just me writing about my life as a 20-something mum, and sometimes I wonder why I do it? I spend a long time on posts and try and post every day and then sometimes I'll hear not a peep and the feeling you get when someone comments is just so wonderful that you begin to really look forward to them. I'm glad you're still sticking around because you're one of my favourites. You go Glen Coco. xx

  12. Totally know the disheartened feeling! :(

    Glad you've got your mojo back!

  13. I still love your blog and I have done since I found it years ago! I wish there was no negativity too, but you've done so well for staying motivated all these years and you should be proud of yourself too. There's nothing wrong with spending more time on yourself :)

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  14. I love reading your blog so keep doing it cause you're doing a great job! And negative people and comments will always be there. Some people, unfortunately, need to say something negative about others, to feel better about their own ego...

  15. I've always loved reading your blog and your outfit posts and ebay finds are some of my favourites to read. I'm definitely guilty of not commenting on the posts I read enough but rest assured there are people like me lurking in the shadows still reading :) Wow that made me sound creepy. Not in a creep way.
    Glad you've got your love for blogging back, looking forward to reading your new content.

  16. I'm not a big time blogger but I completely understand what you're saying. I've also noticed that a lot of famous bloggers now tend to concentrate more on making their site their business/job that they feel obliged to write down, for example, product reviews, endorsements, etc., just to discover later on that they lost the enjoyment of it. There is nothing wrong with marketing and sponsorships but sometimes, bloggers forget why they started their site in the first place. A lot of personal blogs with daily fun updates about their simple lives that I follow before has now became these giant commercial sites, and frankly, I prefer the before. But yours, I still enjoy reading. So I hope you will still continue doing what you love to do. You are right to take a step back by taking a few weeks or months break to figure out everything. I am glad I read this post. Well written, Victoria. :-)

    another day to wander

  17. Blogging definitely gets difficult sometimes especially with the amount of bloggers fighting for views and comments. It's a competitive place and keeping things fresh is hard. I'm glad you wrote all of this down as you've addressed a lot of things I think most, if not all, bloggers feel at some point.
    That website is something I regrettably was involved in for a brief period of time a few years ago and I'm anything but proud of it. I believe a lot of the people using that website are doing so to make themselves feel better for whatever reason. It's pathetic and completely stupid and I wish it would go away but alas, it's a part of the blogging community and the only way we can get rid of it is really by ignoring it.

    Raise The Waves

  18. I've loved your blog for a long time. Some other blogs seems so full of product reviews and endorsements, but your always feels very natural to me. Since having my baby girl I am guilty of not commenting on blogs as often as I would like. I am currently on maternity leave and whilst I much prefer staying at home to my usual 60+ hour job and I can only dream about having a job that would allow me to work from home I can really appreciate that your job must get pretty lonely. My husband works shifts and some days the 30 second conversation with my postman when he delivers a parcel is the only adult conversation I get all day! I really hope you are feeling the love for blogging again and I am really looking forward to reading your future posts. x

  19. this is a wonderful post and I think it is something that needed to be shared. Take your time and have fun with it. x

  20. Hm, the thing about "is xxx old news?" well how can it be, people follow you because they like your style, your way of doing things, they enjoy your posts. So does it really matter what's "in" and what's not, when you shouldn't worry about those things because whoever likes and enjoys reading your blog will stay on board because they like you the way you are :)
    I have no idea who those people are who gossip, I haven't come across such sites but I don't even want to lay my eyes on those. Really sad creatures must be writing mean things to put other people down. And telling you to "screw" them won't help, because bad comments really hurt man. I wish that the world could a lot different and more open.
    I just hope to see you back and kickin'! We love you and whatever you post, we are here for you, so stay strong, reading your blog inspires a lot of people and motivates them so think about all the good you are doing! (:

    blog | the pastel daisy

  21. I keep seeing far too many posts like this recently all mentioning the horrible comments that are made by a small minded minority of people. I love reading your blog alongside many others and as you say, constructive criticism is absolutely fine but, when it gets personal and nasty that's when you have to take a deep breath and think about how unfulfilling those peoples lives must be if they can't find anything better to do with their time. Glad you're over your hump, I especially love your ebay posts :) xx

  22. I've been following from your early VIPXO days - you've even made a scrabble bracelet for me!!
    I'm one of your silent followers who reads your blog frequently.
    It's your blog, post whatever you want. I like more of your personal posts and posts like this one :)

    I have a blog too, and I don't post too many outfit posts myself because I'm not happy with my weight. I struggle with it everyday. I actually made my blog to showcase my love for fashion and style but I'll put together an amazing outfit, photograph it and I can't bare to post it - so I understand how you feel.

    Your outfit posts are my fave!! Don't ever stop!


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