Tuesday, 19 November 2013



Kenzo Jumper: eBay | ShirteBay | SkirtNew Look SockseBay |Shoes: Clarks*

I snapped up this replica Kenzo jumper from eBay a few weeks ago and despite me wearing it quite a lot I've only just had chance to wear it in an outfit post! It's soft lined too so it's really cosy. (If you have cosy socks from Primark it feels just like that!) I thought i'd bring out the orange with the same orange socks (rolled down) which i wore in my Halloween Velma post. A bit different, but i like it! 

Now that I've moved, unpacked and Dad is finally out of hospital i feel like my feet are on the ground a lot more now so i'm trying to get through my emails and posting again, so apart from a few catch ups with my friends, that's pretty much my week and i'm really happy about it! Although i am very much looking forward to a weekend away with Mum this weekend. We're off to Harrogate! It should have been Dad going with her but even though he's much better than he was, he's still a bit poorly so not wanting to waste a pre booked hotel and restaurants, i said i'd go with her! It's going to be strange being up north again, i used to go to Harrogate college but it's been a good few years since i graduated now! 

Has anyone started/finished their Christmas shopping? I'm really struggling this year with ideas! Before i know it it'll be Christmas eve and i'll only have half of it done! Send help! 

I feel like i should mention the Famous wall, because there will be someone here on in the interwebz who will turn it around and make some comment. It's just a wall, with the word famous on it. Great, glad we've sorted that out.  

photos by Jenny Sneap


  1. I think the Famous wall is really cool! Great backdrop!
    Love the jumper, such a nice colour too :)
    I've started my Christmas shopping..well, actually, I've nearly finished! Mainly my boyfriend to buy for now - he's the awkward to buy for one! xx

  2. I love how you have enhanced the orange on the jumper with the socks, very unique xx


  3. love bright colours for winter but your legs must be freezing!!!

    oh god christmas.. i've got my dad n brother sorted out, found this cute little website www.thebritishbeltcompany.co.uk they do some really nice mens accessories!

    and if i was you i'd just delete any comments made about the wall... some people are just so silly!

    kirsty x

  4. I've had my on that Kenzo jumper since it came out what seem like years ago but they were si damn expensive. I really like yours here and def getting one. I noticed it in China. From past experience, I've found the sizes in China are much smaller than in the UK. The sizes on the site, are they UK ones or Chinese ones?


    p.s I still haven't started my Xmas shopping yet so you are not alone.

  5. That jumper is just awesome, and it looks great with your shirt! x


  6. Love your hair colour:) and you look awesome, as always!

  7. Love this whole look :) I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet ...

    Naomi from NaomiGabriella

  8. I love your hair in this post! Really like your sweater aswell :)

    x Valérie | scribblesofvalerie.com

  9. Love the shoes! I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear such a bright sweater and socks but you really pull this off!


  10. Love all the colours - you look great!

    Becca from Becca Said x

  11. Love this outfit, you look amazing! I've always wanted that jumper

    Julia x

  12. You look lovely Victoria. LoVe the orange pop of colour too


  13. Great combination, I love the orange pop of colour :)


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