Saturday, 7 September 2013


At the boohoo #wrapup event, reunited with Lilz, most recent home post, stretching my ear, homemade cocktails, outfit of the night, fajitas, kitty flats, the rents kitchen, outfit of the day (vest from here) , mac & cheese, work outfit, drinks, Lush, Selfridges, my new baby, trying bubble tea, purchases from Primark & Forever21, cupcake, tea in bed, Skegvagas, movie night, selfie, Wednesdays shoot location with Jenny, new ipad background, throwback Thursday, new goodies from The Body Shop, sky, cocktails, bubble bath, outfit of the night and my own mug at my besties. 
(P.S This is my 900th post, so crazy!)


  1. 700th post!!?? WOWS. You're loooking amazing :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Looks like you've been having a wonderful time lately! I love those kitty shoes, and that moon tee! xxx

  3. Fab photo's, need the kitty shoes and love the marc jacobs watch! xo

  4. Your ipad background, mmmm! Need to know who this boy is. Loving the marc jacobs!

    Julia x

  5. 900th post? That's totally crazy! A massive achievement though - very inspiring. I am loving the amount of cocktail pictures featured here... girl after my own heart!

    Sophie x

  6. Congrats on your 900th post love! Your hair red is just smoking by the way!! Looking fabulous love xx

  7. I'm obsessed with your instagram, I'm currently living vicariously through those lovely pictures of cocktails! Hope you've been well. You are looking absolutely stunning by the way, you have inspired me so much xx

  8. Love that yellow skirt! I must say your figure is looking so beautiful :)


  9. Ahhhh really need to start instagramming, I absolutely love posts like this, love getting an insight into how bloggers live their lives/ an overview of the little things that might not get mentioned in posts. :)

    As for the 9000... keep up the good work!!

  10. I love these posts, I really need to get back in to instagram / phone photogrphy so I can pinch your idea. Fab way to include all the little things that dont merit blog posts!

    That marc jacobs watch is beautiful.

    hannah bee


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