Monday, 5 August 2013


I love to travel, I've always got a trip planned in my head and sometimes I’m lucky enough to make that dream a reality. South East Asia has been on my list for the longest time, a friend of mine travelled around there a couple of years back and I remember being insanely jealous of her trip to Indonesia and the beautiful photos she took, one day I hope I’ll have my own!

 We all know how time consuming and sometimes stressful long haul flights can be but so flying with the right airline is obviously really important. With Malaysia Airlines 5 star service and best cabin crew you can travel with ease and comfort, making the traveling stress worth it. If you're like me and like to take pretty everything but the kitchen sink away with you they can also provide you with amazing baggage allowance with passengers able to take 30kg in economy class, 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class. Plenty of room for all your bikinis ladies! So with Airbus A380 Double Daily flights with Malaysia Airlines and great connections to South East Asia your travel needs are sorted and you'll be arriving in total relaxation and comfort. The perfect start to your Indonesian adventure!

 So now I’m finally in my dream destination, feeling refreshed and ready to explore the first thing I want to do is experience Indonesia the best way I can by exploring my surroundings. The main thing that attracts me is the culture, being a fashion graduate and a lover of textiles the fabrics, colours and prints make me swoon and I’d love to experience them all in person. I can imagine bringing a load back with me to make some maxi dresses and bed cushions! Being a big foody as well, the cuisine really appeals to me. Imagine fresh fish, rice, vegetables, coconut milk and you'll have all the basics covered and what's not to like about that? I'm really interested in visiting the temples and first on my list is Borobudur, The monument consists of six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with  504 Buddha statues, truly breathtaking! You can't go all that way without having a taste of the white beaches Indonesia has to offer. Beaches in Indonesia are extensive, characterized by coral reefs, deposits from volcanoes, rich marine biodiversity, strong ocean currents, and associated with diverse cultural traditions. With around 17,500 islands, Indonesia has an intricate coastline of over 80,000 km, he fourth longest in the world. I can imagine the whole place being well and truly breathtaking and a really peaceful place to visit and explore.

So have I got you wanting to visit Indonesia too? Well, you can win two tickets via Malaysia Airlines to my destination via the Malaysia Airlines Facebook page, all details and voting can be found here. The best thing is, there's a few bloggers giving you a chance to win a trip to their favourite destination too which means you can vote for each blogger and you'd have a maximum of 5 chances to win a free flight to any of our chosen destinations. Pretty cool huh?

All you have to do is head on over to their Facebook App and vote for my blog post! One vote is accepted per category so you have lots of chances to win, thank you and good luck!


  1. Bummer. Don't have facebook :(

    In any case, big fans of your blog!
    Much love from Brooklyn


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