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Dungarees: Cherrycherry* | Top: H&M | Shoes: eBay

On my drive to work last week i first heard Taylor Swift - 22 and the lyrics just really stuck with me, to the point where i literally cannot stop listening to it. Even though i'm not 22, i'm 23 and 3 weeks tomorrow i'll be 24, i just think the song really sums up my life at the moment and the whole attitude i have towards a lot of things. I love the message in the song, the whole care free 'just dance' and forget about everything else thing she's got going on is just such a positive way to be. So, that probably explains this outfit and how for just a little while it's completely fine to be a bit silly and just totally let your hair down and remember age is just a number. 

You might not be able to tell but I've had my hair chopped a bit, 2 inches (!!!) to be exact so for me it actually feels really short even though i know it's not #girlproblems. I think it looks a lot thicker and healthier so i'm going to try and keep up with it, oh who am i kidding?! I'm thinking of adding a bit more ombre and maybe going a bit lighter but considering it's taken me months to get my hair cut i can't see it happening anytime soon. 

For those who read my last post, you'll know that exciting things were in the pipeline. Those things weren't actually meant to happen for a few months but sometimes you just have to take a chance and hope it pays off. Next week myself and two girl friends will be moving in to this cottage in our local town and we're all pretty freakin' excited about it. It all happened so fast and i can't believe this time next week we'll all be in our new bachelorette crib, a lot of memories are going to be made there and i can see it being a really fun few months. I'll certainly do a tour of the place as it's massive and can you believe it my room has fitted wardrobes? Oh my god. Bloggers dream coming true right there! 

This time next tomorrow i'll be on my way down to London to fly to New York tomorrow afternoon. It only feels like last week we were booking it and now the day is nearly here. Last time i went snow nearly stopped me from getting there and i'm having a slight panic over the fact it's snowing there at the moment, so until i'm on that plane i still don't think it's happening. I've not even started packing yet, opps! I'm going to try and blog whilst i'm out there and schedule a few posts but bare with me for a few days, things might be a bit hetic! Although, because i love you guys i'm going to still(hopefully!) get an eBay post up for you on Sunday. Now that's dedication.

Oh and just before i go, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your amazingly beautiful kind words on my weight loss post. I didn't think it would have quite the reaction it had but you've seriously made me so happy, so thank you. I hope you're all happy and smiling, have a fabulous week whatever you're up to!

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  1. Love this outfit Victoria and you look so happy which is great! Have an amazing time in New York and hope everything goes well with moving in to your cottage xx

  2. I absolutely love 22 by Taylor Swift! I think it's such a good song about being young - that whole album is great.
    Love your photos :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

    Artstylelove com

  3. Lovely :) Good luck!

  4. Your wee cottage looks lovely. Good luck with the move. x


  5. very cute!!


  6. looking gorgeous!! have an amazing time in the big apple xx

  7. Love this outfit! You look adorable (in a good, non-patronising way)
    Yasmin xx

  8. you look so fab and your new cottage looks absolutely amazing how exciting. Have an amazing time in New York, I hope to go again some day. I went 2 years ago for the first time but it was such a whirlwind trying to cram as much as possible in the 4 days we were there xx

  9. You're looking amazing Victoria, I'm so happy for you! I hope you have a fab time in New York! xxx

  10. I really like your hair and the denimn playsuit really suits you!
    Hope you have a nice time in NY
    Daniella x


  11. OMG haven't worn dungarees in years. I love how they're in again xx

  12. Yikes, have a wonderful time in NYC and yay about the house. I love the playsuit as well!

  13. I've never heard of Cherrycherry, must check out their stuff. You look great!

  14. Your hair looks amazing! Enjoy your trip, so jealous!

  15. I love 22! Makes me very happy to hear it, but then it also makes me miss my best friends at the same time (we're all over the country now). The denim playsuit is lovely & you look gorgeous. Have a fabulous time in New York, you lucky thing xo

  16. You look lovely, I love the dungarees! xxx

  17. you look super cute! love the sneakers

  18. This is brilliant! You look amazing! These pictures are so so fun! xxx


  19. You look stunning with overalls

  20. I have been looking for a pair of dungarees like these, love them!

  21. Enjoy new York and this has to be one of my favourite outfits youve ever worn, those dunagrees are so cute! You look gorgeous

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  22. You look so happy :) And that cottage looks perfect, you're lucky you nabbed it, I bet it had loads of interest. I hope the snow doesn't halt your NY trip, have fun! x

  23. haha I love this look sooo much! You look so happy and beautiful.

    Also, samesies about T-Swift's 22 song lol I am 23 and turning 24 (whaaa? really??) next week. Seems so weird to me that I keep getting older. Anyhow, love this post and yeah :)

    alissa b

    This outfit is so cute too, you look so happy!

    lisatakespictures xo

  25. Love this outfit - those dungarees are amazing! Good luck with the move, and well done again on the weight loss too. You look fabulous :) xx

  26. Love this outfit! :) Laid back and comfy, just the way I usually like it.

    Took a peek at the cottage as well... it´s HUGE!!! Congratulations. You must be over the moon with that.

    One last thing, have a great trip to NYC. I am sure all will go well and you can enjoy your time there.


  27. How fantastic do you look, so inspiring. I really need to get my arse in gear and shift some weight, I' getting to old to stay this size, not to mention I'm a bridesmaid in August! :s

    What exciting news about the move, the cottage is so cute, I'd love to live in a little place like that.

    Have a safe trip to NY and an amaaaazing time, I am very jealous but happy for you getting to go :D I'm a firm believer that everyone needs to visit NYC as much as possible because it's the best!!!


  28. Amazing outfit! The photos are so quirky and cute I really like the dungarees.

    Emma x

  29. Ahhh you like amazing! I wish I could pull of dungarees! :(

    Love, love, love this outfit.

    Jade xx


  30. I am officially dubbing overalls a returning trend this year. Literally, everywhere, that's all I've been seeing. Variations of overalls!

    chīsana blogger

  31. Your cottage looks perfect! I'm super jealous. I turn 30 on Thursday and when I was shopping at the weekend I started looking a things and thinking maybe I should start dressing my age but life is too short! Xx

  32. SO jealous of your New York trip... and yay for moving in with your friends! Have an amazing time lovely, exciting times ahead for you!!! xx

  33. Love you pictures and outfit. Ah how exciting, you'll defiantly create lots of new memories there :). Have fun in New York, i'm going in April so please beg the sun to come out for us both :) xx

  34. These are so nice and summery, you look beautiful


  35. You look so cute! I love the dungarees on you and your hair looks gorgeous. You look really happy too xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  36. Wow I can't believe the transformation! You look lovely and so much happier! Love the denim and saw your house that your moving into on twitter and it looks amazing!! xx

  37. Ooh i love your dungarees, so super cute! I really want a pair like that for summertime too! X

  38. Ow mate, such a babe! I love those dungarees! (:

    So sad that I've literally just missed you with our exotic travels. Hope you have an amazing, amazing time, so exciting about the cottage too! Can't wait til you're back for an epic epic catch up. xxxx

  39. Love your outfit (obvs) but I love your expression in the fotos even more :) Good luck moving and have a great time in NY!

    Quirk and Swirl

  40. I love your outfit, and them dungaree's looks fabby with your striped top!
    Have fun in NY :)
    Charlotte xx



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