Saturday, 2 February 2013


  1. My initials really are VIP.
  2. Before I was born my parents booked a once in a lifetime trip to India but then my mum found but she was pregnant so couldn't go, hence India being in my name.
  3. It was originally meant to be first name until my grandparents said it was too unusual.
  4. I'm an only child.
  5. When I was younger I was convinced the care bares were real.
  6. My right eye is a lot smaller than my left which is why I have to wear glasses.
  7. I've been to Canada 5 times and my grandparents live out there.
  8. I was the first girl to ever play for my schools football team and I scored the winning goal during my first match.
  9. When I was 8 years old I slipped over in the swimming baths and cut my chin open, I still have a visible scar.
  10. I used to work in a cheese factory where i had to test the milk straight from the farms before it went in to cheese.
  11. Until I was about 16 I really wanted to be a French teacher but last minute decided to change my Alevel subjects.
  12. I have a 2:1 fashion degree.
  13. I passed my driving test with 2 minors 
  14. But I can't park to save my life.
  15. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years.
  16. I'm really organised when it comes to plans. I have to know what I’m doing and when otherwise I feel really uncomfortable.  Everything has to have a plan.
  17. I'm slightly OCD with doing something a certain amount of times, like if I get an itch I sometimes have to scratch it 16 times, but it's not that bad any more.
  18. I'm really careful with money, I budget for everything.
  19. The first ferry I went on crashed in to Calais dock and ever since I’ve had a fear of boats.
  20. I have a phobia of tomato sauce, everything about it makes me want to be sick.
  21. I don't like beer or wine.
  22. My 21st birthday cake was of a Vivienne Westwood bag and the lady herself saw a picture of it.
  23. I'm really sarcastic which can sometimes come across as me being rude and people do tend to then take me the wrong way, but it's purely defensive.
  24. I can't stand it when people don't say please or thank you and push in.
  25. Vanilla is my favourite scent.
  26. I really love anything to do with space and I love learning about it.
  27. Sci-fi is my favourite film genre.
  28. I'm genuinely terrified of The Nightmare Before Christmas and still can't watch it.
  29. I'm a bit obsessed with anything to do with zombies and I honestly think The Walking Dead will happen.
  30. Bran Van 3000 – Drinking in LA is my all time favourite song.


  1. i'm an only child and i'm also really careful with money too! i love posts like these, i'm so nosy haha x

  2. Loved finding out more about you! I was on a ferry that crashed into the Dover docks, my brother almost went overboard. The weatherman predicted the weather a little bit wrong.

    I love the story behind your middle name being India, I'd love to have such awesome initials as you.

    Can't believe Vivienne Westwood saw your cake!

    Charlotte xo

  3. Oh god, the last one ♥! I have serious amounts of love for that song. xo

  4. So similar to you, I love Vanilla too! I love the idea behind your name! xxx

  5. vanilla is my fav scent too!

    coincidentally i posted this post this morn too!

    here's the link to it, if you'd like to check it out :)

  6. Was great getting to know more about you, can't believe VW saw the cake, lucky girl haha! I love the nae India, I think it's so beautiful


  7. So glad I am not alone when it comes to A Nightmare Before Christmas! I had to leave the room when we had to watch it in high school (only about four years ago!). It's also Watership Down that scares me too!

  8. haha, some really interesting (funny) facts! Love them! :)
    Always nice getting to know a little more about the person behind the blog.. :)
    I too am an only child, has its pros and cons doesnt it..?!

  9. vanilla is my favourite scent too! i love how theres meaning to your name, its so cute!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life


  10. My favourites are Care Bears that's sooo cute, you love vanilla me too! Also about the name thing I got stuck with Sharon instead of Sahara my Neplaese name for the same reason! Have a lovely weekend pretty lady! :D xx

    p.s I wish I was good at that planning stuff boy could I do with that now!

  11. really interesting facts, i am really sarcastic aswell and people always think i am being rude :S xxx

  12. Aww I loved this post! :) I can totally relate with number 29, you're right The Walking Dead will happen and personally, I'm excited about it xx

  13. I love this kind of posts! More os these, please! :)

  14. Fab post I'm also an only child :) x

  15. Interesting facts, especially about your name.

    Sophierosehearts x

  16. I love your initials, glad I'm not the only person who doesn't like beer or wine. xo

  17. Loved this post! I'm the same when it comes to needing a plan - it was in my 20 facts post too haha. My boyfriend is the complete opposite though so we both have to compromise somewhere in the middle! xo

  18. Numero 24 oh god, makes me die. I had no idea you worked in a cheese factory once beb, tell me more/stories! x

  19. These were really interesting! I definitely discovered a bit more about you! x

  20. I've found these posts so interesting, feel like I know everyone so much better...even if my own one just had ridiculous facts.

  21. 20 and 23 are me too! I am always sarcastic or dry and I never mean it to be horrid. And as for tomato sauce.. I wont even touch a bottle, not even the bottle urgggggg!!!!!!!

  22. I'm pretty obsessed with Apollo 13 after going to The Kennedy Space Centre last October... Or because Kevin Bacon is in it? Yum. Xx

  23. Great post! I'm also an only child and I also slipped off a swimming pool slide when I was little and still gave a scar on my chin :0!xx

  24. love this!! the bit about your name is really interesting!! as for vivienne westwood seeing a picture of your birthday cake, woowwweeee ;) xx

  25. two minors! Thats amazing, I scraped by with 10 :/
    love these sorts of posts :)

    Georgia x | Georgiabeeee | xgeorgia

  26. Lovely facts! I also like that bran van 300 song, I remember hearing it in my 20's and thinking the 26 part seemed so I am almost 30 yikes!

    Xo Amie

  27. I love the name India... I think it's beautiful!


  28. I genuinely loved reading this, you are so interesting! :)

    Join my galaxy leggings giveaway! 2 DAYS LEFT!

  29. Was great to read that! You are an interesting person!

  30. I love this! But please tell me that by "testing" the milk, you didn't have to actually drink it...? That would be my worst nightmare of a job.

    I also can't park to save my life- horribly embarrassing moment last week when I had to park in front of my boss- it took me EIGHT attempts to get it right!!

  31. I also have a visible scar on my chin from slipping in a rock pool in spain! :')

  32. I heard that your boyfriend can juggle 7 balls. Is this true? X

  33. I feel exactly the same about the whole zombie apocalypse thing! I am OBSESSED with The Walking Dead haha

  34. This is the 3rd one of these posts I've read tonight and I'm loving them. It's so nice to find out more about some of my fave bloggers.

    I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead, I keep on dreaming about there being a zombie apocalypse! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  35. Care Bears are real aren't they?

  36. You have such a beautiful name!

    I tried out this post too, love it

  37. Great post, I felt inspired to do my own! Love your blog :)

    Katie co

  38. Totally with you on 24! I hate it when people don't say please or thank you, does make you wonder about people... manners cost nothing!

    And Bran Van 3000 is also one of my favourites :) x


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