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Well today marks my blogs 3rd birthday, a whole 156.532 weeks, 1095.73 days and 26297.4 hours since I first posted and VIPXO was born. I don't often get personal on here, choosing to keep certain thoughts private and keep this little corner a happy and informative place. But seeing as today is all about my blog I thought now would be a better time as any to share my thoughts on a few blogging topics which I’ve wanted to share for a long time.

I'm just going to get straight to the point and get out all the bad bits first, blogging is 99% positive for me but sometimes you just get the odd little bug the niggles away at you and it can sometimes become a not so enjoyable place, i'll explain. Back in the day (yep, I can now say that) blogging wasn't what it is today, there wasn't this race to the top rubbish, everyone helped each other out and if you didn't have anything nice to say you just kept quiet. But 3 years later que 'you shouldn't wear that' or 'you wear way too much make up' comments and heaven forbid you actually stick up for yourself, OH HELL NO, because then you're the bad guy all because you might have a few more followers or have been around a lot longer. See what I’m getting at? There also wasn't the same amount of negatively around at the moment (I mean seriously, where did it all come from?) and yes, I'm looking at you horrible gossip site (unfortunately I’m quite aware it exists, but thank you for informing me anyway) Since when did it become ok to start a forum about someone you don't like on the internet? You have two choices with that one, you either give them the time of day or you ignore it. So I ignored it had haven't given it a second thought since. The thing is, someone, somewhere will always dislike what you do and sometimes people will say horrible things without justification. They'll also make lies up about you with little or no evidence about a certain subject and claim it as gospel. But the best thing to do is to not rise above it, just carry on doing what you're doing. The best thing to show a hater is happiness because they clearly don't have any in the their life, simple. Always remember, the people who know least about you always have the most to say...

With all that being said, maybe some of you will now understand why I've stopped being so personal on my blog and stopped putting my feelings across in case of being riducluded. When i sent out my survey last weekend i honestly had no idea how many people thought the same thing and one comment really made me stop and think.. ''I'd like to 'get to know' you a bit more - I read your blog, like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter and Instagram but I would say you're one of the bloggers I know the least about, despite being one of the ones I first followed'' which really shocked me and made me feel quite sad, it wasn't just this person who said something along those lines so i know it's obviously something i need to change so promise to make more of an effort and hopefully put myself across a bit more. 

Now I’m pretty sure it's nothing new to you, but just in case you're not aware there is money to be made from blogging. There's money to be made from YouTube too, and a lot of other social networks. You can get paid to tweet, paid to wear a certain item of clothing and paid to rave about something you might not think twice of owning. Money makes the world go round after all and we all have to make money to live, it's the circle of life. People make money from millions of different jobs, you could work in retail, a restaurant, or even the Government. Heck you could even sell yourself if that's what you wanted, so why is blogging & money such a taboo subject? I don't make any secret of the fact I make money from my blog in various ways (all of which are clearly highlighted on my blog for those who think otherwise) but it's certainly not enough for me to jet away to the Maldives once a month or live in a 6 bedroom house. But it helps me be able to blog from home and be able to buy a bag from my wish lists posts. There are some who make more, and some who make less but it should never be spoken about in a negative way (if it does it's probably jealously) at the end of of the day if you can make money by doing something you love then you're one of the lucky ones and that's pretty awesome.

Blogging isn't all negative I promise you, in fact there are more positive points than negative. Your blog could become more than just your diary, it could become the biggest marketing tool you own (if that's what you wanted to do) as there are a lot of brands out there that value the importance of bloggers, in fact your little space could help them greatly with their social media. You could also make or break a product, it has been known. It's not just brands that know how important us little bloggers are to them, but magazines have cottoned on to blogger power too. You'll find articles in all the weekly glossies aimed at blogging/bloggers with tips/tricks for a successful internet space. It's all pretty interesting actually, who would have thought blogging would become quite the phenomenon it has? Hard to imagine that taking pictures of yourself or sharing your thoughts about the latest blusher could mean opening up exciting opportunities and possibly working with your favoruite online store.

But there is a catch... With there being so many blogs out there now it's even more important to make yourself stand out and let your blog speak for itself. It's no surprise that carbon copies of the popular blogs are making their name known left, right and center but the thing you have to ask yourself is, is someone going to read your copied blog when they can read the original? The answer is probably no. It's the same for posts, I can't stress how frustrating it is when you spend hours working on something only for someone to rip it off the next day and take credit. I understand it's hard to make your blog stand out, but you should certainly give it a go and you may just surprise yourself. There are plenty of people out there (myself included) who will help you with any blog questions you have, whether it's how to make an image for a post or where to find a certain font, so try asking instead of copying. From what I've learned is people like blogs with personality, let yours shine through and I can guarantee they'll come back. It was a good 10 months of blogging before I had 50 followers, so don't give up. It doesn't happy over night, but you'll get there I promise.

And finally, blog for you, do it when you want about what you want. There's a lot of pressure to post so many times week about certain things and sometimes it can get you down a bit. It's only natural to post something you want people to like but it's not the end of the world if they don't, the world is still going to spin. I need to take my own advice on that one, I need to learn to take a step back and not sweat the little things and to I guess, just go with the flow. It's only natural to compare yourself to everyone else, but if you don't feel like blogging today then don't, people will still be there tomorrow.

Ok, definitely finally now... if you only take notice of one thing I’ve written today then please make this be it... thank you, from the bottom of my heart to every single one of you who decides to click on my blog, whether you come back once a day, once a month or just once a year. I appreciate every single one of you and I’m so grateful to have you in my online life. I wouldn't have been able to do so many things if I wasn't for my blog and your continued support so you do really mean a lot. Blogging is genuinely an incredible world and if you take the bad with a pinch of salt you'll be just fine, believe me. I know nothing I could say would ever be enough to say thank you, but here's me giving it a go. I'm so pleased you decide to read my little space on the internet and I hope very much you decide to stay with me and celebrate (hopefully!) VIPXOs 4th birthday next year! 

With lots of love, always...

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  1. I really, really enjoyed reading this! It was lovely to have an insight into what you go through 'behind the scenes'. It's true, it is hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd and it does take time so that's definitely something I'm personally working on. Who cares what others think? You have a lot more lovers than haters! So I can't wait to see what your blog has to offer this year!!

    Happy 3rd Birthday VIPXO!


  2. Happy 3rd Birthday VIPXO!

    This post was such an interesting read :) xx

  3. I don't often comment on your blog, but had to today! First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the blog, what an achievement!

    I'm sorry you've experienced the rough side of blogging. I've been blogging since 2006 and the blogosphere has changed so much in that time and the negative can really get you down, but as you so clearly point out there are so many positives too. For me this is most definitely community :)

    I went to Britmums Live last year and Sarah Brown said two very special things: "there's nothing cool about a bully with a blackberry" and "don't let the way the world treats you affect the way you treat the world". I try to remember these whenever I think of blogging!

    Can't wait to see how vipxo grows and develops over the next year. Strange to think that just over a year ago a random meeting with your dad led me to finding out about your blog and connecting with you. I'm so glad it happened xx

    (ps sorry for the weird google log in, can't seem to post with my typepad account on my phone!)

  4. Happy Blog Birthday sweet <3 I know exactly where you are coming at, I've been blogging almost 4 years (!) and I'd like to think I have my own voice but it's hard to stand out when everyone and their mum is blogging now. Oh, and the horrible gossipy forums? There's an entire 10 pages in a russian one dedicated to my 'horrible nail polish application'. Whatevs. People are horrible, but you are lovely so don't listen :) x

  5. This was such a great post!

    I never really understood the negativity between blogging and making money from it. I love my blog, not because I'm desperate for everyone in the world to read it, but because it's a hobby for me. I love talking about make-up and beauty bits and sharing what I've bought and what I've been loving. Although it's 'for me', if I had the opportunity to make money from doing something I loved, I'd go for it! I really respect the fact that you state clearly that you make money because a lot of bloggers/YouTubers are quite shady about it and I don't know's nothing to be ashamed of!

    Happy 3rd birthday VIPXO! You're one of my favourites :)


  6. This is such a great post, and so true. For the life of me I can't understand why people would spend what is probably hours trawling through blogs to give the authors hate and criticise them (well, jealousy obviously) but you seem to handle it really well.
    I'd love to hear more about you, as you said was the result of your survey, however at the same time if it results in more hate or negativity, I do think you need to put yourself first in situations like that!
    Anyway, happy blog birthday - 3 years of blogging is such an achievement, I hope VIPXO is around for many more birthdays! xo | @talbsx

  7. Every single point you've raised in this point is completely valid. Go you for saying it like it is!
    People leaving horrible comments are just sad bullies at the end of the day. It's all well and good sitting behind a computer giving people abuse but these people will stay sitting behind their computers for the rest of their life.



  8. This was a lovely post to read, as someone fairly new to blogging it was quite an eye-opener! I started blogging as a way to meet new people and as a way to journal my thoughts and the things we do so that I can look back and remind myself of all the fun times we have.

    If you can earn a little money from your blog then good for you, it's a lovely way to fund treats from something you enjoy doing. Don't stop sharing things because of pathetic people who get their ya-yas from tearing others down - I know first-hand how depressing it can be to be the victim of hatred, but it's so not worth your energy to be bothered by it! Keep being yourself and please share a little more safe in the knowledge that there are people out here who are going to love you and your little space all the more for it :) I hope the feedback you get from this post encourages you and builds you up x

  9. Happy Blog birthday beautiful <3

    XOXO Sade

  10. Happy Birthday VIPXO! Where does the time go eh. One day you are a a blog baby, next you are all grown up. :)

    It's a shame that negativity does seem to be creeping in a bit more, I'm not sure if this comes from the fact that people are beginning to make more of a career from blogging, or are clearly making money so it creates a little jealousy? Sure many would like to be able to blog from home (I would, many a hair post to blog, too little time to do it!)That said, I think if more support was given, magazines would pick up on other smaller blogs and more opportunities would be given and the blog love shared. Do agree you have to try and be original and 'you' I try with my blog, as it is subject around a niche topic to keep it as interesting and varied as possible, it's a subject I love and know about, so why shouldn't I share it.
    Good luck for the future blogging, sure it'll just get better. x

  11. Happy Birthday VIPXO! Congratulations on the milestone.
    Ignore the haters, your blog is lovely x

  12. I've got a lot of love for you, Victoria, I know enough about you already to know that & that's the most important thing! I'm very much looking forward to another year of your posts! Happy Blog Birthday <3


  13. Thanks for taking the time to write this post. I really enjoyed it :)

  14. Victoria India, thank you very much for writing this. You are an amazing blogger, a wonderful girl and an inspiration to all of us! Don't mind the negative comments. They're written by people who are miserable and believe that if they are miserable, you should be miserable too. They care nothing about helping you or your blog so you really shouldn't listen to them. I know it's hard to hear some things but don't give them the satisfaction of bringing you down! You are, once again, a terrific blogger and there are many people, me included, looking up to you. This is your blog's third birthday, how about that! You've come such a long way, that's really awesome. I really hope you'll be around for much, much longer! I enjoy reading your blog and it's truly one of the things I look forward to. Congratulations on making it so far and I hope the future brings you more good things! A happy one, dear xoxo

  15. Absolutly beautiful blog post Victoria:) You said it in one and I couldn't agree with you more. Your style, your posts, your words are brilliant and I am a huge fan of your blog.

    As for those being negative...jealously is evil and it actually doesn't get you anywhere:)

    I look forward to lots more years of VIPXO :) You inspired me alot xxx

  16. Happy 3rd Birthday! I love your blog :D

  17. Happy birthday to your blog and what a wonderful post. I get so discouraged sometimes with the blogging world, but you summed it up in a way that makes it all seem more surmountable.

    You can overcome the popularity drag, the unneeded comments, and the accusations if you are blogging from your heart...or should I say, blogging about your passion.

    While it is true, you aren't overly personal here...I love reading your blog, which I have been oohing and ahhing over for the past couple of months. I appreciate the fact that you are to the point. You make the beauty junkie in me smile.



    marissa florence

  18. First of all let me say Happy 3rd Birthday! And a fun 3 years its been filled with my favourite ebay baskets! (You should now take credit for my ebay obsession) I like how youve approached blogging and money and the negativity and hate that comes with blogging. I agree i prefer if people have nothing nice to say then why say it, why go out of your way to make a person feel bad about themselves, it just shows their own insecurities, which is why people shouldn't listen to the hate and focus on the other positives! As a newbie blogger I get what you mean about copying, I try not too and make sure if I did, I give credit to the blog I found it on!


  19. I remember reading and following blogs years before I actually started one a couple of years ago and you're right, there didn't seem to be half as much negativity as there is today - and there was no 'race' as blogging wasn't publicised as much.

    I think folks set out now to make a blog with the idea of becoming successful. I see a lot of 'follow for a follow?' comments and it reminds me of the old myspace days ha. There's no need for any of that, not sure why people do it because it seems rather needy. Just be yourself and people will appreciate it more.

    Happy blog birthday too. Have a wonderful year!

  20. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks. Congratulations on 3 years, your blog is amazing, one of my favourites! I feel like i do know you, even though your posts don't obviously state things about you, through outfits etc i feel like i know you a bit!

    Sophierosehearts x

  21. Happy birthday VIPXO! Booo to the haters, I can't believe people conduct themselves in that way and if people haven't got anything nice to say they shouldn't say it at all. I really enjoy reading your blog especially as you're fairly local to me.

    I've only recently starting blogging and I absolutely love it, I'd be lying if I didn't say I get excited when I see a new follower but my blog is definitely a hobby and I decided to do it for me (cliched I know).

    I look forward to reading your next post and for you to continue being yourself.


  22. Happy 3rd Birthday VIPXO!

    Loved this post, so many truths. Please don't let the haters get you down. If someone has taken time out of their sorry little lives to write negative things about you online then take it as a compliment! Dig a little deeper and you'll probably find it's just jealousy...

    Besides, in the process they're indirectly raising awareness of your blog. There's no such thing as bad publicity right?!? If you're on peoples minds then you are doing it right.

    I adore your blog and read it regularly. You are one of the few I follow via all mediums and your creative, honest and compelling posts bring me back again and again. (Although I'm sure my bank balance is not as grateful for the amazing eBay posts!)

    You make money from your blog because you are good at what you do. It is as simple as that. Never let anyone tell you different or deter you from being here.

    I look forward to reading more from VIPXO in 2013...and hopefully getting to know Victoria a little more too! :)

    Jen xxx

  23. Happy Happy Birthday VIPXO

    I really enjoyed this post, a lot of points well said :) xx

  24. Happy Birthday to VIPXO! Loved this post. I started reading your blog about 7 months ago and your posts keep me coiming back every time. My faves are your ebay baskets and outfit posts! I did notice though that you don't really share much about yourself and am definitely looking forward to that! It's completely understandable why you haven't though as haters are gonna hate!

    But hey you are a lovely person just as you are regardless of what anyone says. Jealousy is not a good look on anyone and it definitely shows through with all those nasty people out there who feel the need to take the time to comment etc.

    Congrats on making it this far with your blog and being able to make some money from it it's a great achievement! Can't wait to get to know a little more about you in coming posts :)


  25. First of all Happy blog birthday!

    Second, I (like a lot of people it seems from reading other comments here) cannot understand why people can be so negative about blogging. I have nothing but respect for people (like yourself) who have been blogging for years and have managed to earn money from doing it. It was these bloggers who write good quality blogs with well thought out posts that inspired me to start writing my own little blog!

    People who have the time to sit and write negative comments and hateful things clearly aren't worth bothering about. I personally love your blog and hope to still be reading it in another 3 years time :)


  26. Happy third birthday!
    It's sad that there is so much negativity about but also I'm glad it hasn't let it stop you!
    Keep up the good work and I hope you keep blogging for another three years and beyond!

  27. Happy third birthday! Loved this post as well :) x

  28. Happy third birthday! I'm glad that you have carried on blogging through the negativity. I love your blog, your tips and fashion style, everything.
    Can't wait to celebrate your next birthday! xxx

  29. Happy birthday :) I really enjoyed this post and what you had to say, but I understand where your coming from, there seems to be a lot of negativity about and I have no idea why. I love your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts this year :)
    Rosalie x

  30. This has to be one of the best posts ever Victoria! I am only a beginner and the kind of negativity I have received breaks me down, but then I do know that this is what I do love to do. Passion is not about making money or gaining followers and being famous in the circles. I blog so less sometimes but that's only how I feel.
    It is great know that there are others in this too. Thank you for being so honest about everything. Thank you for being patient and thank you for inspiring us to continue with our journey.
    Wish the best for you on yours. Happy birthday to your blog and many congratulations to you! :) xx

  31. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday!!

    I always enjoy reading your blog Victoria but this post was particularly enjoyable.

    I also believe people can be hurtful, negative and scornful when they see something popular and successful. Secretly they wish they had the balls to put themselves on the internet.
    And your so right, it's the people who know you the least that seem to be so bloody opinionated.

    Congrats on 3 years and all your hard work :) xx

  32. Happy blog birthday :) Great post, I can't people actually write such horrible things, didn't their parents teach them that if they have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all. :) x

  33. Happy Blog 3rd birthday! Loved this post so so much! xxx

  34. Great post!! Love your blog! :) ♥

  35. I don't usually comment on blog posts as I don't blog myself (just a avid blog reader!) and most of the people I see commenting are bloggers so I feel my comment may be a little out of place. However, I must say what a great post this was to read, it's really really lovely to read a blog and support the writer and know that they're aware of it and appreciate it. And even more so, it's great to hear that this is something you genuinely enjoy doing!

    Happy birthday VIPXO <3 xx

  36. Happy birthday! It's good to see someone talking about blogging so openly x

  37. First of all lovely a very happy birthday to your lovely blog and second of all, what a wonderful post this is. You hit the nail on the head with this 'Always remember, the people who know least about you always have the most to say...' - so true and something I've experienced throughout life. You and your blog deserve all the success, it's original and interesting and more the point evident the time and effort that goes into it.

    Happy Birthday to VIPXO

    Eda ♥

  38. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

    I really enjoyed this post. I loved that you spoke so honestly and openly about blogging and I really should comment more! This was such an enlightening post and I hope you do more like these. I like the rather wordy ones!

    -Erica xx

  39. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday! I really enjoy reading your blog and this post especially, so honest and open :)

  40. Happy blog birthday!

    I am so stressed and busy with school but I loved to read this in my short break! I agree with pretty much everything, you write it down so perfect!

    I'm not really 'personal' on the internet too which is not that bad I think! People are way too curious, there has to be a bit mystery I think hehe :)

    Have a nice blogbirthday! xx

  41. happy birthday vipxo! its a shame there is negativity in blogging but then I guess you'll find it anywhere, in any situation. Like you said, you just have to learn to take it with a pinch on salt and stick with what you know is right. Here's to another successful year! xx

  42. Happy blog birthday Victoria! I really enjoyed reading this post and think you made some valid points! I have been a fan of this blog for a while now and always look forward to reading your posts when I see them pop up on my blog lovin xo

  43. It is a very lovely heartfelt message. Obviously something that has been on your mind for some time. I wish you nothing but completely happiness and success! Happy 3rd birthday! *hugs* :]

  44. Happy third blog birthday!!!! What a great honest post xx

  45. Happy blogging birthday!

    I'm so sorry that you've had bad experiences with blogging. I haven't yet, though I have on instagram with people telling me 'you really should pencil in your eyebrows' etc, thanks, I know my eyebrows are sad, faint little things :/ Its so hard to ignore it and not let it get to you.

    I love your blog and I will always click on your posts when they pop up in my feed. You have a little different content to what I usually read and I love how your blog looks. Keep going, I can't wait to read another years worth of posts :D

    Love of blogging love :) xo

  46. Such a true and honest post. I adored it.

    Happy 3rd birthday VIPXO.

  47. A really good post, from start to finish. I am proud to be your follower and all the personal stuff about you isn't an issue and it shouldn't be made into one. I like that you choose to keep your personal life to yourself (that's yours not everyone else's). Thats the one thing you can do is step back into the 'real' world and not the blogging one and i respect that!

    and congratulations on making your 3rd year!!

    Love from leigh xo

  48. Being new to blogging this was one of the first blogs I came across, your honestly and genuine passion for this shines through, and since discovering you I've been back almost daily. As you said there are a lot of other blogs out there, ones you like and ones you don't- some people won't catch on, instead they'll bad mouth those who work hard and just want to share themselves with others. I blog about the things I want to and if i like someones work I'll blog about them not try to imitate, if I could hope to be as driven or successful as any blogger in 3 years time, I'd hope to be like you. Congratulations & Happy 3rd Birthday, you should be proud of your achievement x

  49. I'm one of your silent followers but I felt as though I had to comment today!
    This is my fave post of yours till date; I feel like I know a little more about you as a person and I like you even more.

  50. I've only recently started reading your blog and my Ebay shopping has been a little out of control since! (Purchased Marc Jobs Bracelets, Hermes Bag & Belt allll on your bloggy recommendation)
    What I liked most was your interesting and unique posts on shopping without having to spend a fortune so please keep up the good work with that.
    However on your 'Linkd within' I saw an old post from March relating to 'weight abuse' you'd been getting. I read the comments people had made with fury and sadness. My hobby is a little fitness/food blog but sadly due to online bullying I'm expecting abuse because I'm *gasp* not stick thin!...I want to blog so I make people smile, help people and to be part of a great community of wonderful blogger’s. Anyone who has a problem with money making/how people look/bloggers topics should mooooooove on & stop abusing people like you with success and a idea.. Happy Blog Birthday x

  51. All I will say to this post is ...WOW! You have literally wrote down everything I feel about blogging! I was subjected to the 'gossip' blog, they included screenshots of a twitter conversation I'd had months ago and tried to turn it into something it wasn't - quite disgusting really! However, like you say, these people really do need to be taken with a pinch of sold! There will always be haters, trolls, spammers - you name it, and I certainly need to learn not to take it to heart so much.

    I've only been blogging for a year now and I have been very lucky with the amount of readers I've gained in such a short space of time but the way I see it is - success is earnt! I can't begin to tell you how annoyed I get if I see someone has completely ripped off one of my posts or my layout but like you say, who wants to read a copy?

    I absolutely love your blog and do agree that I'd love to know more about you but don't let it get you down - everyone has different limits for what they want to share online! If this post is anything to go by though, your feelings and thoughts should be wrote about because they make for a fantastic read!


  52. Oh and Happy 3rd Birthday to VIPXO .. I almost forgot to say that in my huge ramble! I'm sure you will have another amazing blogging year <3

  53. Happy birthday and thank you for the inspiring post. I have been bloggin for a year and it is slowly going from strength to strength but it is hard work and ur right it does sometimes get you down.

    Defo make sure you put more of 'you' in ur posts in the future. Dont wory about those negative people - they have always been around its just sadly nowadays they have a worldwide forum to access yet hide behind... Let them get on with it. It is usually all fuelled by jealousy.

    As Johnny Depp said:

    'Haters gon hate... Potatoes gon potate.' thought of Friday!!

    Here is to ur next year!!



  54. Happy 3rd Birthday VIPXO!

    I've only recently started reading your blog and I think it's brilliant. This post in particular I really love, full of some really good advice and points about blogging so thank you. :)

    I hope you have another brilliant year of blogging.

  55. Oh god, I had no idea there was a website like that - I just Googled to find it and some of what's on there is horrible! What is wrong with people?! It's not like there's a shortage of different blogs out there; go find one that you like!
    I don't understand people who get their knickers in a twist about others making money from their blogs. I suspect that it's a case of sour grapes and it's mostly those those with high aspirations but low readership.
    Happy third birthday! xx

  56. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it and agreed with everything you've written! Well done on such an achievement and look forward to continuing to read :) xx

  57. Happy third birthday bloggins!

    I find it mightily upsetting that people enjoy ridiculing bloggers from the safety and comfort of their (mostly anonymous) sofas or desk chairs. But you have to remember that it's mostly down to jealousy, and if it's not for that reason then it's because these people are downright rude. They are only a small minority, so why do we let them run our lives? Words can really hurt and I think that the best thing that can be done is to just carry on regardless. Like you said.. they need to see your happiness, not that they are bugging you. Your blog should be about what YOU want it to be. We just live in such a negative world nowadays that there will ALWAYS be someone who can't handle someone elses success.

    I love reading this blog. I love reading a lot of blogs because it gave me the confidence to start my own, and it generally rouses my interest. If i started getting hate mail it would damage my confidence but I would just think about the small amount of people who actually follow me to know that I have more lovers than haters.

    Keep doing what you're doing, every blogger is inspirational in their own way. You included.


  58. Like many people have said, I really enjoyed reading this! When I first started blogging, I never thought it would teach us all so much about doing things for own happiness-which is a great thing to learn for all rounded contentment in both our blogging and personal lives.

    Happy Birthday VIPXO!

  59. This post makes me smile :) I only just started following you and I have to say that your blog is really great. I love your outfits and I look forward to getting to know you better this year! Happy Birthday VIPXO xx

  60. Happy Blogging Birthday, heres to another 3 years :-)

  61. Happy 3rd blogging birthday! I really hope VIPXO has many more years to come!

    I really enjoyed reading this post, blogging can be hard sometimes, mostly for me the pressure to post as often as I can but with a full time job it can be hard. I'm sorry you've been having a bit of a tough time with it recently, so pleased you're not letting it get to you though, you have an amazing blog and you seem like a really lovely person xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  62. I loved reading this post. You made so many valid points. I love your blog and loved how you have kept going even though jealous people have tried to put you down :) xxx


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