Monday, 18 June 2012


Lookbook | Chictopia
Blazer: Missguided* | Tee: eBay
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: eBay

This has got to be one of my all time favourite outfits and i do wear quite a lot despite the fact I've never actually shown it on here before. You know that I'm a big fan of block brights and this tee is right up there with the neon trend so it's perfect. It's just such a comfortable outfit to wear and i think it'll be a 'go to' outfit for a long time yet. I'll probably get asked about the t shirt so just to clarify, i have owned it for nearly a year now so obviously the seller doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately i haven't been able to find another one.

I've had another really busy week at work but I'm still absolutely loving it, everyone there is really lovely too and it doesn't feel like 'work' at all. Even though the the hour and a half of driving/being stuck in traffic everyday makes me so tired, the fact that i love what I'm doing makes it so worth it and I'm really happy!

The Leeds College of Art graduate fashion show was really good last week (post coming soon), there were a lot of amazing collections showing incredible talent. All the outfits/work (along with every other course at the college) is now on display for the rest of the week. If you've just finished school and not sure what to do next you should seriously pop down and see if you get inspired.

After getting a couple of comments/tweets from people saying they've voted for me in the Cosmo blog awards, i just want to say thank you again. I'm not sure how long the voting is on for, but it means a lot that you decided to vote for me and my little space on the interwebz!

I hope you all have a good week whatever you're got planned! Word is there's some sunshine coming to us this week (YAYYY!!) but lets not shout about it too much in case we scare it away!

Jenny Craig:

I think i was too lucky with how much i enjoyed the week before on Jenny Craig because last week wasn't so great. I'm still really enjoying the breakfasts which i now eat at my desk when i get to work and makes me less hungry towards the end of the morning. The lunches are still really nice but I'm just not feeling full after a couple of hours. I'll get to about 5pm and I'll be really hungry again and even though they're convenient I'm just not wanting to eat the dinners when i get home. So as i have a week and a bit left I've decided to come off it this week and then do my final week next week instead. It's more of a test for myself really to see can find substitute meals for when i do come off it and hopefully I'll be finding the right balance. I've planned all my lunches and dinners for this week after researching healthy/low cal meals so fingers crossed I'll have a better week! My shape is still changing which is nice to see even if I'm not dropping many lbs i know what I'm doing is working which is also why i want to try my best and stick with it.

I'll be updating again next Monday. If you have any questions please feel free to tweet/email/formspring.

Disclaimer: I have been given these meals for free but it in no way changes my opinion on this programme. This is a personal choice. I am not doing this for anyone but myself and I am certainly not saying the size I am now is 'wrong' it's just not a size I’m not comfortable with on myself.

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  1. I love this jacket, it's so versatile that I need one for myself! :)
    Fantastic booties too, I have a similar pair too heehee...


  2. Love the whole combination! Looks great on you! Lots of love! :D

  3. Very cute outfit. The color combination really works well!
    The tee is pretty cool too, guess I'll have a look around Ebay :)


  4. love it! i can see why its one of your favorites!

    great look, great post!

    alissa b

  5. You always look gorgeous. eBay is so good, i love the tee x

  6. you always look amazing in bright colours. this outfit is no exception. love your blazer! :) x

  7. You look really good hun!! :) and stick with the Jenny Craig for as long as you can stomach :) LaceyLoves

  8. Love the clash of colours :) Such a cool outfit hun! x

  9. i love the blazer! beautiful!

  10. Me like! I love bright colours together, need that blazer x

  11. Love this outfit on you. Do you recommend the Jenny Craig diet plan? I have struggled with my weight all my life and finally about 9 months ago it suddenly clicked and I finally started loosing weight. I think the course I was studying at uni helped (biomedical sciences) as it helped me realise what foods do etc. I have lost 2 1/2 stone since, and it's been a struggle, but I'm now unfortunately at a stand still. I still have 1/2 to go, maybe a bit more. I'm looking for something that I can stick too like the Jenny Craig diet i think. xxx

  12. i really like this outfit, the colours are lovely together! i wish there was sunshine coming my way :( xo

  13. Pink and yellow, such a lovely colour combo! Looks great on you!

  14. You look great love the pink blazer! xo

  15. heya, if your blazer this one: (just in pink obv) I really like it and have been looking for a good blazer that isn't linen or stupid hot for ages

  16. You look so lovely, the colours are gorgeous on you! Big fan of the blazer!

  17. What a babe! You look amazing

  18. I love this outfit. This is so something that I would wear. I'm currenly looking for a non black blazer for my wardrobe kind of like this one

  19. You look really fit Victoria, seems like Jenny Craig is working! :)

  20. The pink blazer looks great over the yellow tee :) xx

  21. You look so great here! like I always thought Jenny Craig was a bit of a fad but you look amazing fair play! and keep going I need to sort out a way of healthy eating soon, (after my festival of eating absolute junk this weekend) definitely going to look into JC now

  22. nice blog my dear! full of inspirations!
    i love your shirt, and jacket and trausers.. oh i like you all! :)
    keep posting! :)

    have a nice weekend! :)
    and meet me at

  23. Those boots are amazing! Love your blog :)
    One new follower!
    N xoxo


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