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Lookbook | Chictopia
Top/Shoes: Primark | Skirt: New Look*
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Bracelet: Alexander McQueen

This skirt is made from 3 things I’m loving at the moment, pleats, mid length and neon. During our little heat wave last week I realised just how much my wardrobe was lacking summer clothes and how I needed to include more maxi/mid skirts/dresses in to my daily life. New Look is one of my favourite stores so when I had the chance to pick a couple of items from the lovely guys at Voucher Codes I added the skirt to my basket straight away along with this beauty. New Look have some fab deals on at the moment so certainly check them out if you're looking to stock up on summer essentials!

I hope you're all enjoying your bank holiday and your plans aren't being ruined by the weather! I'm not doing anything which suits me fine, I’ve hardly seen Matt over the past few weeks due to his final year deadlines so it's been lovely just spending with him. I'm making the most of this weekend as Wednesday I finally start my new job and I know I’ll be thrown in to madness but I’m excited none the less. I'm actually thinking about wearing this outfit for my first day, but knowing me I'll change a million times because nothing will be 'right'.

Jenny Craig:

I have always been curvy, even at my smallest (size 10) I still had big hips, chest and bum. But over the years the weight has piled on (totally my own fault) but I have learnt to embrace it and I’ve actually liked my figure and was happy. But since last year, since I finished uni and began working from home I’ve seen a dramatic change in my appearance and it's one I’m not happy with. I am all about being happy the size you are, whether that's a 0 or 28 and believe me when I say I was 100% happy with my body at 12-14 but I am now a size/have the weight I’ve never had before and I don't like it. I just don't feel like myself. Now I know what I need to do, I need to include a lot of exercise in my daily routine and eat so much better. I know what I’m doing wrong and I know what I need to change. But when you're stuck in a routine and habit, it's very hard to get out of. So last month when I was contacted by Jenny Craig about joining their weight loss programme I knew the time to change was now.

It took me a few weeks to be able to start it 100% as I had birthdays, trips home and events to attend and I just knew I wouldn't be able to stick to it. But I’ve been on it for about a week and a half now so I thought it was a good time to introduce it. For those who follow me on Twitter & Instagram (@VIPXO) you'll already know I’m doing it and what food I’ve been eating. I'm on a 1200 calorie diet for 28 days and I have all my meals planned for me. Breakfasts consist of porridge, muesli and wheat flakes, lunches are noodles or soup and then dinner are meals like bolognese pasta, chicken with rice, hot pots etc. I have chocolate snacks too which are incredible! So far I am loving the breakfast and lunches, they are just so yummy and I don't feel like I’m being limited at all. But I do have a slight issue with the dinners, to me they are just so unappetising and I’m not enjoying them at all, in fact they make it really hard to stick to it.

Like I said in the week I’ve been doing it I have deviated a couple of times for the meals which I know isn't good because you're meant to stick to it 100% for it to work but the circumstances meant I wasn't able to eat the meal and I did feel really guilty. But I’m determined to stick 100% to it right up until the end. I am a little disappointed to say I haven't lost any lbs yet and I certainly haven't seen a change in my appearance but my energy levels have increased which I’m really happy about so at least that's something. I know diets are very personal, what might work so well for someone might not work at all for someone else but I’m giving it a go. Even if I don't loose anything doing this, I know that I’m on the track to be able to eventually and get my body used to low cal meals and to finally get myself back to place I’m happy with.

I'll be updating again next Monday. If you have any questions please feel free to tweet/email/formspring.

Disclaimer: I have been given these meals for free but it in no way changes my opinion on this programme. This is a personal choice. I am not doing this for anyone but myself and I am certainly not saying the size I am now is 'wrong' it's just not a size I’m not comfortable with on myself.

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  1. I love your skirt! I've seen one exactly the same that I have my eyes on (on my blog it's in weekend wishlist) I just love the colour, length and everything! It really looks amazing on you!xo

  2. I completely agree with what you are saying. I think we could be body twins. I was at my happiest when I was a size 12-14 and since finishing uni (where my weight ballooned) I am on a mission to loose some weight. As much as I see many people who I'd love to be like, my body won't be skinny. I would love to hear about your success on this program especially if you have time to give a weekly update. :) Good Luck.


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  4. love the skirt colour!

    good luck with the weight loss program, it can be a bit difficult at times. but if you put enough willpower i am sure you will get what you wish for!

  5. I love your skirt, I really need some long floaty skirts for summer :)
    Good luck with your weightloss, I'm counting calories myself :)

  6. Your skirt is gorgeous! Loving your jewellery aswell, good luck with weightloss! :) x
    Dreams and Dresses

  7. I love the skirt too, the pleats and the neon are just such a good mix. You look lovely.

    I'm always trying to start dieting but I don't ever get that far. Good luck with your weightloss, thats a great opportunity you've been given. As much as Im sure they're not going to be as exciting as normal meals it's still got to be a bit of a novelty to have your meals planned for you. Anything that makes it easier is always good too.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at! :)

  8. Love this outfit, that skirt is really amazing! :)

    Good luck at the new job :)


  9. You look beautiful! Good luck with the weight loss love!

  10. love your hair :) also, awesome bracelet

    good luck with diet! i always find them so hard to stick to!

  11. Lovely outfit, the skirt is amazing! I love the bracelet too Good luck on the new job :) More energy sounds great, that's what I need, Good luck for the rest of the diet! xx

  12. Upon leaving uni I was the same my weight had ballooned to nearly 17 stone I was a size 22/24 - I'd had cancer the year before and sort of used it as an excuse to just eat what I liked I mean hell you only life once. Once I kicked off the cancer I realised that this was not the person I wanted to be. Again I'd always been 'big' but this was silly.

    The first think I did was sign up to Tesco Diets. It's not about just horrible diet food, and the calorie intake is still rather high (I'm at about 1500 calories a day still). My main issue with food was my laziness. Dont get me wrong I love cooking but I often would forget meals and not buy the right things when shopping.

    After a year I'd droped to about 15.5 stone and i realised that just eating well wasnt going to cut it.

    I took up walking, some what reluctantly at first. Walking perhaps 2/3 miles a weekend. the great thing about it was getting out in the fresh air and discovering nature.

    I've now been walking about a year and half we go almost every weekend to some where different. We have even been on 2 walking holidays to the dales and northumberland.

    However last summer I realised that again that the weight was still sticking to me despite eating healthy and the walks. At this point I joined the gym.

    Now I'm really far from a gym bunny. At times i feel like I'm the fastest and ugliest person there! its well depressing. But in February something happened that changed my attitude towards the gym. I injured my hips and as a consequence looked at doing some classes.

    I started off with just yoga and pilates once a week. I enjoyed that made a few friend and have started going to more classes including aqua jog / fit (great if you don't like the feeling of everything wobbling when your exercising, which I hate).

    I've now got used to this and I'm ready to go back into the actually gym but this time in stead of doing my own thing I'm going to spend and hour with the instructor once a week one - on - one.

    I am now 13 stone. And I'm a size 16. So in 3 years I've lost 4 stone, which isn't great at all but its about loosing it permanently and making permanent life style changes. I know look forward to our weekly outing and enjoy going to the gym. I eat healthy the majority of the time. However I still eat out once a week and treat my self to the occasional biscuit from the tin at work. I know if I cut out these things I could be thinner faster. However as you said you have to be happy with what your doing. I'm enthused about exercising. I love sourcing my fresh veggies locally and growing my own not only knowing who exactly grew my food but knowing your supporting the local economy and reducing your carbon foot print makes you feel great as well. I've also switch to organic on most things as well if you shop around its just as cheap if not cheaper than regular stuff and you know your getting all the vitamins and minerals.

    Other dieting things I really recommend are

    adios - little pills full of natural ingredients that speed up your metabolic rate, I'm sure I've been loosing weight faster since I started taking these a month ago (you have to be able to put up with come nasty side effects some of the time)

    Graze - Boxes full with 4 health snacks I get them delivered twice a week and reach for a little pocket whenever I'm feeling hungry. They are full of good fats such at nuts and some time the occasional treat such as flapjack. I only have one little box a day and give the 8th extra one to my Mr. This is factored in to my currunt 1500 calories a day.

  13. Good luck with the Jenny Craig and good luck with your new job!

    I love that skirt...I struggle finding work appropriate ways to keep my legs cool (working in a school really does limit your options) and this looks perfect. I may have to make a trip to New Look! x

  14. Your skirt is fab, I could never wear yellow! Best of luck with everything!!

  15. Your hair looks gorgeous in that picture!
    Best of luck with Jenny Craig.

  16. Firstly, I love the skirt on you! I wouldn't normally go for them myself but you've given me the confidence. :)

    Secondly, you're not the only one that finds dieting hard. It's frustrating because the desire to change yourself can be so strong, yet it's so easy to slip back into old habits. I've realised that I love food too much and I could probably eat super healthy temporarily but not in the long run. So I'm just trying to throw in more fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot more water than before. I've also started the gym and I'm really excited to work it into my life and hopefully see results. I look forward to hearing your next Jenny Craig update girly :).


  17. That skirt is such an amazing colour! x

  18. LOve this outfit, think it would be a great work outfit too so defo a short list for first day at the office. Good luck with JC, I lost baby weight with SW but never really 'got used to' low cal meals as lOve my food. Just chose my treats carefully...and savour every mouthful ;-) x

  19. LOve this outfit, think it would be a great work outfit too so defo a short list for first day at the office. Good luck with JC, I lost baby weight with SW but never really 'got used to' low cal meals as lOve my food. Just chose my treats carefully...and savour every mouthful ;-) x

  20. I absolutely love the colour of the skirt! You look lovely :)

    I can completely relate to the weight struggles. It's so hard to stick to a diet once you start as well I know. Before now I've been on one and lost nearly three stone, but after a few months I managed to put it all back on again so it can be a vicious circle.

    Wishing you luck and I'd just like to say that even if you don't feel it at the moment, I think you look fabulous!


  21. I've noticed my own weight gain since uni also, its a pain in the arse, so much admiration for you! you are gorgeous and best of luck with your diet lovely! also loving neon on you - your rocking it! xxx

  22. I'm glad you're not choosing to lose weight to "be thin like everyone else cos it's beautiful yer". And I'm glad you believe everyone should embrace their body and be at their happiest size. I like you am feeling uncomfy with my size since Easter so losing weight, good luck! xo

  23. good luck with the whole weightloss thing! But you do look lovely, love the colour of that skirt too. beaut xx

  24. Good luck with the diet! That skirt is stunning. I love neons, but they look appealing with my skin tone!

  25. that skirt is awesome, definitely feeling the maxi/midi length love right now! good luck with jenny craig. i lost 4lbs in the first two weeks and none in the second two, so i think the weight loss fluctuates a lot with it. i'm sure you'll see results as you continue through the programme. in the end i found it too hard to stick to because even though its all planned out for you, it does get a bit boring! you're such a babe though so i hope you get back to a place where you're happy with yourself <3 xx

  26. Best of luck my love. That yellow skirt looks stunning on you. I totally know what you mean about not being happy at your weight/size. I wasn't 'obese' but I felt huge for my frame. I also wasn't happy because it was stopping me from climbing, trekking and doing the things I enjoy.

    I posted my fitness story here a little while ago on Circus mum's blog: and also here's an article about slimming world here: Feel free to take a look and let me know if you need any fitness or dietary tips. Happy to help as I have been there myself and come out the other side so much happier! x

  27. Love the skirt, i wish i could pull of neon.

    Good luck with the jenny Craig diet as well, i'm not a massive fan of diets like this as once you stop following the meals, weight starts to pile on again.
    Saying this i am a massive believer in exercise. I used to be a lot bigger than i am now and tried many different diets, nothing ever seemed to stick, i also joined many different gyms and always bailed.
    To begin exercise isn't fun, but you have to stick with it, after a while it becomes enjoyable and gives you so much energy.
    one thing that got me through was instead of going to lonely gym sessions i joined a team sport (Rugby Union). Its the best thing i have ever done. Having a whole team supporting you and been with you through the thick and thin is amazing. I have made many great friends and we always have a laugh. The best thing about rugby is, its probably one of the only sports where you need to be a bit bigger, keeping you active and body confident :)

  28. you look great and a huge inspiration !!! I just lost 50 pounds and know how hard it is but you can do it good luck !!!


  29. LOVE that skirt Victoria, such a gorgeous colour and your hair looks particularly lovely here too! xx

  30. Your outfit is lovely! Good luck with your new job and with the rest of your JC plan. :) xx

  31. Such a gorgeous outfit - you look fab! Good luck with the JC diet. I really understand where you are coming from with regards to weight. I am finding it really hard to stick to WW although have started the 30 day shred today in an attempt to do some exercise! xx

  32. This look is amazing, suits you perfectly, I could no way pull of that skirt but you do, and so well!! Jealous :-(

  33. im in love with your style!! its gorgeous :D xx

  34. Love this skirt ! Lots of luck with your diet hun :) xx

  35. Good luck with the diet keep persevering, my Mum has been dieting for a while now and she is beginning to enjoy her size more and the lovely comments she has been getting from people as it is really noticeable! I love the skirt! xx

  36. What a perfect outfit, you look amazing! Xx


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