Saturday, 23 June 2012


Date night, brunch, this weeks outfit post, sweet treat, lunch, bunting necklace from gabbysbazaar, products from Ginvera(BB cream is incredible!), beauty boxes, dinner, Thursdays outfit, Fridays outfit (shirt from here), breakfast c/o my boss, chicken salad, Dorothy Perkins sale goodies, yesterdays not so great pizza, McDs c/o the boyfriend, ASOS neon jumper via eBay & some new newcidcosmetics products to try.


*I feel like i should make a point of saying that all my lunches and dinners during the week are healthy and low cal (apart from yesterday when my boss bought us all breakfast). I do however allow myself to eat what i want at weekends. I wouldn't usually make a point of saying this but seeing as though this post is full of food and the fact I've had some weight hate this week i feel like it should be mentioned and justified.

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  1. That shirt is amazing and I am buying it right now. Deal with it, bank balance. And you shouldn't have to justify photos of food! It makes me so angry that you get weight hate. You have an absolutely incredible figure (which I'm sure you know and don't need me to tell you, sorry!) and I will never understand why some people think they have the right to comment on anybody else's body. I say people, I mean arseholes. To sum up: you're gorgeous, they're idiots, and that scone is making me drool a bit.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. It saddens me that you are receiving "weight hate" and that you even have to justify yourself to people. On another note, congratulations for sticking to the healthy eating. I suck at healthy eating!

  3. i cant believe your getting weight hate, everybody has to eat and is allowed eat anything they want! you dont even have to justify yourself! love the asos jumper xo

  4. its so awful u are getting weight hate some people are just horrible their lives must be so sad to actually spend their time on insulting u ignore them u are lovely :) xxx

  5. Both the shirt and neon jumper are lovely, I really want a shirt with tips, preferably not at an extortionate price!
    It's horrible that you're getting weight hate, some people are just bitches! x
    Sirens and Bells

  6. All the food looks very yummy, I love the collar tips and the change t-shirt.
    Lovely pictures!

  7. Ow this asos jumper is so lovely <3 Will you do a review of the BBcream in the pictures? :)

    Have a nice day xx


  8. I can't believe you have had people commenting on your weight. You are so pretty. Don't listen to them! xxx

  9. Considering you did say in one of your first Jenny Craig posts about how you were trying it because you weren't feel completely comfortable in your own skin - people then giving your grief about you weight seems stupid and unnecessary if you ask me.

    Well, I mean it's always unnecessary but considering you're making it clear that you are making an effort to eat healthily (which anyone can see from your instagram) I just don't get why people would bother giving you weight hate. I mean for gods sake - you're hardly eating yourself into an early grave with one mcdonalds breakfast are you?!

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I think you looked lovely in your outfit post this week (with the yellow chanel top) and was quite upset when you tweeted that you wouldn't wear it again. I hope you do.

    Amber xx

  10. those food pictures got me drooling forever! xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  11. I love the white blouse with the metal tips on the collar!

    Ignore anyone saying anything mean about your weight - there's nothing wrong with your weight! c: xx

  12. First of all UGH to weight hate, I hate that you get that, I wish I could go and bash in all the internet trollz for you. You shouldn't feel you have to justify snaps of yummy food, I think we all take photos of the good stuff but I don't so much get my phone out if I'm eating a salad! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  13. I love your bunting necklace, & all your outfits look gorgeous! XO.

  14. Love these photos, so much yummy looking food! I adore those little collar tips.
    Mel x

  15. Food pics are my fav! More please!!

  16. You are lovely just as you are, right now today. Focusing on health and strength rather than weight has helped me not to slide down the body hate shame spiral. Us women have so much pressure to hate our bodies. Think of how much good we could do with that energy! We could probably change the world. But I know it's actually quite hard to tune out the hate. Learning how to love myself and my body despite the hate and pressure has been one of the most difficult and also most liberating experiences of my life. You are beautiful, and I love your style. All of your outfits!

  17. I have that mug! And the food is making me so hungry.

    e x

  18. Loooove the t-shirt and the collar tips!! This blog is amazing- really loving it :) Following now!

  19. Some lovely looking food! Thankfully I've just eaten otherwise I would be craving pizza or McDs right now!
    Nothing wrong with treating yourself at all, we'd go crazy if we didn't! x

  20. dude. you are rad. weight hate is from people that wish they were as comfortable with themselves as you are.You are a cool chick, so weight hate can suck it and you can remain an inspiration.

  21. your instagram posts always make me hungry! ignore the haters xxx

  22. 'I'm not being arrogant with my blog name, it's just my initials, pretty cool huh? Feel free to drop me an email...'

    That is an impressive motion capture intro. All the best to you and family.

    Russ, BC, Canada


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