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I'm a really big fan of Jolie Box, I've had a few boxes from them and I haven't been disappointed by a single item I've received and this box is no exception. I like how all their boxes are the same so there's no ''this person got this why didn't i?'' criticisms. The March edition is the first box to provide you with all full size products inside their own branded draw string bag and the first edition of their magazine. I did only receive my box today, but as I've already used 3 of the products before i thought I'd put my post up today and give you an idea of what you can get this month.

£10 + £2.95 P&P*

I LOVE Yardley products so i was really happy to see this product in this months box. I received some of their products for Christmas in other scents, so I'm very much looking forward to trying 'Royal English Daisy' body wash. This product comes in three floral scents which leaves the skin feeling very soft and hydrated. This is an absolute bargain of a product and i totally recommend it, it's just so lovely!

This natural and conditioning balm is used for hair, face & body to leave you feeling totally nourished and looked after. This balm is 98% natural and contains lots of oils & vitamins so it's really good for you. I'm not usually a fan of oil products on my skin, but i find this one to be really good considering the different types of oils there is. I've tried a sample of this product before and i really liked the couple of times i used it so i'm really looking forward to giving it a longer try. I think this product is truly worth the price tag and it will certainly be reperchasing it when this tube runs out.

The only thing to critics about this product is the fact i already have the exact same colour (purple) which i received in another beauty box. I know this isn't Jolie Box's fault, but it would of been nice to maybe try another Eyeko product which hasn't already been doing the beauty box rounds. As i still have my other pencil I'll probably be giving this away as I'd rather it go to a good home! I'm still not overly fond of the 're branding' from Eyeko and i still wouldn't say it was worth the price tag!

I applied this polish as soon as it arrived and so far so good. The first coat gives a really nice pale white gloss with lots of shimmer, but the more coats applied the more opaque the colour gets with glitter specs rather than fine shimmer. It says it's fast drying, which i might have to dosage with as I've tried other brands who have dried a lot quicker, but it's ok! This brand new product comes in four pastel shades, so it'll be perfect for this years S/S trend.

The final item is a Joliebox mirror! A perfect handbag size.

I'm really excited to see Jolie Box bringing out a magazine as i think it sets them apart from other beauty boxes. The magazine gives you 23 pages of reviews, hints & tips, shopping ideas and interviews with an in depth look at the JB products they've bought to you in previous boxes. The layout is aesthetically pleasing and i really hope they continue with it!

Overall i really like this box, just like the other two i've recieved. I can see some keyboard warriors maybe being disappointed that one of the 5 products is a mirror and maybe the polish is quite a small size, but when you add up the total of this box it's worth £30.50! That says it all i think!

Do you receive a monthly Jolie Box? What do you think of the March edition?



  1. I signed up for JolieBox yesterday so I'm excited to see what I get in my first box. I do really like the idea of the magazine, and the fact that it comes in a bag rather than all of that messy packaging in other boxes. This does look like a really good box with a variety of products, the mirror is such a cute idea too. I'm disappointed that Carmine has joined with Glossybox rather than continuing on its own as I feel Glossybox is hyped up with the majority of us ending up disappointed when they ignore our 'beauty profiles' and send us 3 very similar products in one box. JolieBox is definitely something I'm looking forward to try and hopefully continue with in the future :)

  2. Alsoooooo if you're looking for a home for the Eyeko skinny pencil I would love to try it as I missed out on it in the other beauty box! :)

  3. Love the look of the products in this months box, I'm still waiting for mine to arrive! The nail varnish sounds nice and looking forward to trying out the body wash! Love that they've put a little mirror in too and the magazine looks like a really great idea! So excited to get mine through now! :) xx

  4. The mirror is so cute, a really handy item to carry out! Really love the magazine aswell, makes them a little bit different from other boxes x

    Dreams and Dresses

  5. I was actually considering signing up to Jolie Box since i've recently ended my subscription with Glossybox, but there are two products i've received in previous boxes in this post!

    oh dear

  6. Looks like a really good box. I cancelled my JolieBox last month as I couldn't afford to keep that and my GlossyBox subscription going. I got the Davines balm in my valentine's glossybox was really impressed with it :)


  7. It looks like a great box and I also like the idea that everyone got the same. I really want to subscribe to Joliebox but I can't afford that and Glossybox at the moment :( will have to see if i can next month

  8. Although I don't receive the JolieBox, I am quite envious! Lovely array of products (and they're so big!) that I thought were interesting. I'll have to check them out somehow.

  9. I really wanted the purple Eyeko liner... Want to swap for the green one that I got??

  10. I am yet to sign up for a beauty box but this is one I really fancy!

  11. I was thinking of switching to Joliebox instead of Glossybox because they look to be really good!

  12. Love the fact this month has full sized products! And I like the idea of the magazine that comes with it :) xx

  13. I signed up for the Jolie Box last week, I can't wait to get my first one after reading this! Shame I wasn't quick enough off the mark to be in time to get March's one!

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  15. I was so excited when my email came to say it was on its way with full sized products in tow. I've now tried all the products I received in this month's box and I've got to say, I love them all! Can't wait for next month's now, and I agree with everyone else about the magazine.. It just puts Joliebox that step ahead of all the other boxes and it's a great way for them to interact with their customers as well as showcase products! :)


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