Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Do you have a blonde ambition?


Up until December of last year I'd never dyed my hair anything other than dark brown, which I'd last done when i was about 14. For the past few years I'd dreamed about having red hair, like ginger red hair and so many times i priced it all up and thought 'YES, I'M GOING TO DO IT!' but i never did. Then one day i picked up two packets of home dye and got my very lovely boyfriend to do it for me and there i was, finally i had red hair and I loved it. It was never going to be bright, because obviously i have dark hair and there was no way i was going to put bleach anywhere near it, but alas, i liked the results. But that was 3 months ago and can you believe it I'm bored already. I sent out a tweet a couple of weeks ago asking what i should go for next and a lot of people said i should try a light brown/blondey colour. To me that would be a drastic change, but i can't help but like the idea more and more. So who knows, maybe i will after seeing this amazing editorial in March Marie Clare... Who am i kidding?!

But anyway, on to the purpose of this post. Like i said before I'm all for home dye kits. I think they're brilliant and save you a lot of money(as long as you know what you're doing!) So if you're thinking of taking the plunge and joining the blonde side, the guys over at Garnier have come out with the British Blonde Collection which features three Nutrisse Crème colours in 'Cool' 'Pearl' and 'Warm' which gives you an expert colour, easy application and home colouring made made easy! What more could you ask for?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on home dye kits and if you're thinking of going blonde?!



  1. I absolutely LOVE home hair dye kits, I change my hair colour like every 2/3 months because I get bored so easily and I love change! Home hair dye kits have never failed me!

    I think you should defo dye your hair blonde, you'd look gorgeous!

    Charlee Dee

  2. I've always been tempted to dye my hair ginger! I'm already strawberry blonde but I really want to be properly red.

    Emily Wears Things

  3. I really think you'd suit a blonde colour :) I am a big, big fan of home dye kits, I've dyed my hair every colour under the sun since I was 14, and most of them have been home dye kits. I went from dark brown - similar to yours - easily enough, so it should be alright. If you've had red in it, it'll still have a red tinge even after you've dyed it however, because red is a bitch to remove! xx

  4. I think you should definately experiment and dye your hair blonde. Change is always good!xx

  5. I've always dyed my own hair, I don't see why I should throw loads of money at something I can easily do myself. It's never gone wrong *knocks on wood* and I've been every colour possible (bar blonde)
    I am tempted to go blonde myself though, but I'm wanting my hair to grow as well though, so I'm still unsure.
    I think you should go for it though, it'd look gorgeous :)

  6. My hair was dark brown up until recently when I too got bored and fancied a change.. When it had faded to a lighter brown I went to the hairdressers and got blonde highlights - a little on the pricey side (best part of £60 for a full head) I usually dye my hair myself, but I'm so pleased I bit the bullet and got a professional to do it as I don't think I'd be able to do it myself!
    If you want to go lighter you could consider getting highlights as it might be less 'extreme' as going proper blonde/lighter than you are now..
    I'm loving having lighter hair for the summer months. After all, you can always dye over it with a darker colour if you don't like it :)

    (sorry for the mini essay!)

    Hev xx

  7. I went blond twice now and I have to say it's just not really my colour :D I have dark hair like you, so the first time around I actually went to hairdresser and it took a couple months before my hair was all blonde. Then after a week I went black again ^^ Beginning this year I tried it with home hair dye and it went sort of ginger. It was okay, but now I'm back to brown again. I prefer home kits to going to the hairdresser as well, for the same reason called money! :D
    Blonde is really a difficult colour, I think. You have to find the right shade that suits your complexion but if you want to do it, why not? I do love your dark hair though (:
    xo, Lisa

  8. I'm naturally your hair colour, and I would recommend only ever doing salon dying to go blonde. It seems to be the better method and stops the brassiness you can get with home dyes. I started going blonde when I was 16 and it takes time and effort. I think some caramel honey highlights would suit your hair :) xx

  9. wow that would be a great change!!

    i think i would trying going blonde gradually, coz its quite a drastic colour change.

    well you can always re-dye it if you do not like it i guess

  10. Home dye kits are alright if you're trying to change your hair to a colour close to your natural hair colour or if you are trying to go darker. DO NOT, DO NOT try and go blonde yourself with a home dye kit. Not when you're anything more than honey-blond. It's not healthy for your hair and you'll most likely not end up with the result you've dreamed of.
    I'd agree with one of the above comments, saying to try highlights first and definitely have them done by a pro!

  11. Home dye kits are very good for every colour other than blonde! Don't do it! Go to a salon for blonde adventures!! I was blonde for years... I will never go back to it (not very cost effective with root touch ups and it destroys hair and then you have to spend more money on treatments) but I think every girl should give it a go at least once! :)

  12. Home dye kits are fantastic, but with bleach to prevent hair from being damaged I have read a lot of research into applying a good amount of coconut oil over the hair and dyeing right over the top of it. Something to do with the way it chelates iron and copper- the things that damage your hair

  13. I have naturally dark brown hair died red and have been dieing to go a dirty blonde/light brown for ages but because of my terrible fear of bleach (lol, already deadly damaged hair) I never have. I definitely have a blonde ambition! :(


  14. I've been pretty much every colour under the sun, and I find home dye's are great for darker colours, but for anything lighter, especially blonde, I think it's so much safer going to a professional to get it done! You look so lovely with dark hair, I can imagine you suiting a lighter brown too! :) xx

  15. I'm naturally ash blonde but Ive been brunette for the last few years. I would be terrified to use a blonde home dye kit - I'd expect my hair to go orange or at least have a coppery tone to it. I'm too scared!

  16. I have more or less the same colour hair as you, and I'm begging you, DON'T do it yourself if you want to go blonde. It's ok to do yourself if you want to go darker, or only a bit lighter, but I can assure you, such a drastic switch is far too risky to do yourself! I've always dyed by own hair - I got blonde done professionally, and then tried to maintain it myself, and I just ended up looking orange. If you want your money to go further, most salons hold colour classes, where you can get it done for around half the price. I'd definitely recommend that :) x


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