Saturday, 18 February 2012



Between the 16th and 20th of February the brand Boujois are launching their very first pop up shop in Shortditch - The Boujois Boutique. The idea of the store is to add that extra touch to London Fashion Week and give the people who pop down a little treat! They have some amazing offers going on with up to 65% off bestselling products, manicures & hair styling, goody bags, live body art and a place to watch live streaming of catwalk shows. T4 are also using it as a location for filming! It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of fashion week and give you some ‘ME’ time!

If you haven’t vised already, don’t worry you still have two days left and best thing is, it’s open to anyone! So what are you waiting for?!

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook & Twitter for the lastest offers and information!



  1. Wow, that looks like a really lovely idea! Pampering and watching the shows sounds like pretty amazing to me! :) xx

  2. the boutique looks soooo cute! i love the pink-ness of it. LOL. i will definitely check this out.


  3. I managed to get down to the boutique too! Was a really good event :)


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