Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Nails - £3.81

I was sorting out my nail polish/falsies collection earlier and I realised there were quite a few pairs in there that I hadn’t shown you so I thought I’d do some sort of weekly or monthly show and tell post about them.

My natural nails aren’t the best and usually break at a certain length so false ones are a quick stylish fix. I don’t wear them every day as I don’t want to damage my nails, but I do wear them quite frequently. I was drawn to these ones because of the detailing, i would never be able to create them as i don't have the patience but i like being able to to wear something like this with little hassle! The glitter is a massive plus for me too!

I’m going to be purchasing these, these, these and these to add to my collection. The tackier the better in my eyes and for those who like the designer nails you need to have these bad boys and these in your life!

Do you wear false nails? Which are your favourites?



  1. I've just started wearing false nails, the disappointment of chipping/breaking my nails just after painting them was getting too much!
    Have you tried the Nailene tabs? They stick on your falsies without damaging your natural nails!

  2. ooh i love fake nails! it sounds really silly, but i bought some fake nails from primark the other day and they actually fit suprisingly well and for only £1 they were a complete bargain! these nails are so pretty xx

  3. My natural nails are really short and not great for doing nail art on, I will definitely need to try out some falsies instead!

    Gillian x

  4. These are so pretty! Love them! :) I use elegant tough ones, look at my post about them? :) http://sophieetc.blogspot.com/2011/12/product-review-elegant-touch-false.html
    Love sophie xx

  5. I love love love wearing false nails haha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  6. Oh these are so cute, they are always so great when you have no time and if your having a crap nail day. Great for if your off on a night out, saved my life more than once. These red dotty ones are too cute x

  7. I've recently bought some false nails online but I'm still needing glue, damn present buying has reduced my allowance on spending money. These nails are adorable though, I feel the same pain with the nails breaking at a certain length as well :( xxx


  8. Its so much easier painting false nails and you don't have to wait for them to dry! :) x

  9. I'm not a big fan of falsies, as I naturally have pretty good nails (although I prefer them relatively short) and they damage them and it takes ages for them to be healthy again. I usually just wear some nail varnish, but I do love these falsies you've picked out! I may have to sample them in the future when I've stopped being so 'afraid' haha!


  10. I normally don't wear fake nails because my nails are pretty strong but these ones convinced me. I think I'll try some out. The tackier the better is so true! Thank you for your lovely words on my blog. XO Lilly

  11. I love the look of false nails, but I can never wear them since I type at a computer all day and they slow me down too much!

    I'll definitely share these links with my friends that do wear them, though!



  12. Ahh I see you have seen my very(!) tacky acrylic nails for my USA trip. I agree, the tackier the better.



  13. I've never been a fan of stick on fake nails before but I actually just bought my first pair this weekend! They were super tacky but amazing leopard print ones, but I've yet to try them out.


  14. I'm so tempted to get some false nails! The tackier the better definitely, it's kind of a statement :) x

  15. I never triee them haha :)


  16. :O I LOVE THESE!!!! x x x

  17. I never tried them! But they look amazing!

  18. I am just getting in to falsies, by buying clear ones and painting/designing them myself, I really want to create the polkadots on these nails! The nails are so festivey :) And I love the snow on your blog :)

  19. Oh my gaaaad, these are amazing! I love false nails but I'm yet to find a glue that actually sticks properly, after washing up a couple times they're all falling off :/


  20. Wahey tacktastic!! Maybe false nails are the way forward for damaged nails?

  21. I've never tried false nails but think I may have to start as I'm rubbish at painting my own! I love the polka dot tips and glitter on these :) x

  22. I never use to wear false nails but have recently started wearing them and have fallen in love! I usually by extra short, french manicure ones and sometimes add glitter (Models Own Juicy Jules) to the tips. I've recently bought a set of gorgeous Christmas penguin nails from Dainty Nails - so cute!

  23. i sell handpainted false nails!


    I have lots more designs, but they're not currently in my online shop!

    send me a message if you're interested in commissioned pieces!


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