Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Lookbook | Chictopia
Top: Primark
Skirt: Warehouse | Shoes: Topshop

I should probably mention that I didn’t take this picture today; I would probably die of hyperthermia or something! I had this tucked away in a folder that I had totally forgotten about. I’m not one to waste an outfit pic and as I’ve still not had time to take a recent one, this is as good as it gets today!

So anyways, i’m back! Well, technically I’ve been back in the UK since Thursday lunch time but today has been the only time I’ve had to sit down and write a blog post! The flight back home wasn’t the best, we flew through a jet stream in the middle of the night and for a good hour we were dropping hundreds of feet and gaining them just as quickly. So it wasn’t fun, especially knowing there is nothing other than water 38,000ft below! But alas, I arrived safely and even managed to spot Steve-o on the flight from Amsterdam. I was pretty clueless at first, I only realised after someone shouted it through departures! I was so happy to be home and as soon as saw my Dad and Matt stood there I just burst in to tears, so dramatic. 33 hours I was awake that day and it’s taken me nearly a week to get over the jet lag.

The weekend just gone we all went down to Folkstone for a family wedding, it was really lovely and lots of drinking, eating and dancing took place! This of course is what a wedding is all about. I got back to Leeds on Sunday night and due to being at work yesterday/food shopping afterwards my suitcase is still on my bedroom floor, untouched since I got home. Awful isn’t it?! But tomorrow I’ve decided to have a good sort out of everything and donate a lot of stuff to the local charity shops. I have far too much stuff that just doesn’t get worn so it’s time to go to a good home and I’ll have to make room for the 5 items I’ve bought online today. Oh ebay and ASOS how I have missed you so!

Haven’t got much planned this month, I’m quite looking forward to getting back in to reality. I’ve missed my little blogging world more than I thought I would so I’m making it my priority this month for sure! Hoping to see Lily in the next few weeks too. Whilst i was away the very lovely Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter asked if she could 'interview' me for her chatty blog. So if you want to read a little bit more about me you can read it here. Louise's blog is pretty sweet too and her YouTube videos are brilliant!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has tweeted and commented my blog since I’ve been away. It’s nice knowing you’ve stuck with me and have been interested in what I’ve been up to. Sometimes reading all your thoughts have really made my day and turned a not so nice situation in to a better one. I really don't say it enough i know, but i really do appreciate every single one of you more than i could ever say!

ahhhh, so glad to be home!



  1. That's a very nice outfit, and I went to Australia and we had a lot of turbulence so we were really scared.
    Farrah's Muse

  2. What a great skirt! Nice look :)


  3. This is such a nice outfit. You have such a lovely figure and always dress really well. Love your style! X

  4. Someone looks smokin' hot! I love getting back home from time away. You never realise just how much it comforts you until you're taken away from it.

  5. WELCOME BACK!! The journey back is always a tough one, it seems to drag on doesnt it! x

  6. Welcome back! See this is exactly why I don't know whether traveling would be a good option for me, as much as I want to go places, I don't think I could cope without home comforts for that long! I can barely go longer than a week without going home from uni haha. Glad your back safe and sound x

  7. You look SO gorgeous here omfg!!!!! ALSO folkestone is like half an hour away from me hehhhh xxx

  8. Oh god that plane ride sounds terrible! Glad you made it home safely. You look really lovely here, your hair is absolutely beautiful x

  9. Flawless makeup here, and beautiful outfit!


  10. Adore this outfit, so lovely and simple and your hair looks lush.


  11. Love the outfit! So jealous of your Graduates! I so wanted them!

    Glad you're back now I always love reading your posts :) xx

  12. so cute that you cried when you daw your mum and dad! home is definitely where the heart is when you're away for ages.
    really love your outfit too, black and tan look so nice together!

  13. love this outift, and your hair just look's so beautiful. I've never experienced jet lag but it sound's horrible!


  14. great outfit, love the boots! will we get to see more canada pics? i've been loving your scenery photos of over there.

  15. Good Luck with the clearing/sorting/donating. I did the same last month, but only actually managed to de-clutter half of what I should have, and then went and bought more! I loved the scenery photos from Canada, but glad you are 'home sweet home'!
    Belle du Brighton

  16. This skirt is such a beaut!
    It's always so lovely to finally come home.. after being away for 4 years I just still get excited that I am home, and can do all my normal things! x

  17. I pretty love your skirt and shoes! Nice outfit ;)

  18. Love your outfit! I'll follow u, follow me back :)




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