Saturday, 26 November 2011


When ever people ask me where I get my inspiration from I never say magazines or fashion shows, I always say other bloggers. There’s a whole other fashion style in the blogging world and I’m finding myself more and more inspired by it. These are the outfits I’ve been loving/lusting since my last post and I’m finding myself wanting to hit the high street as we speak!




  1. Really pretty! Got some inspiration from a couple of the outfits already

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. oh u r sooo right! love the looks you found here too!!! :)

  3. I totally agree with you, the best outfit inspiration are OOTD's, people's outfit post's and lookbook! The best inspiration out there is other bloggers - I just love rooting around to see what inspiration I find :)

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  5. Looks like autumnal coloured trousers are popular! Yesss, other bloggers are definitely inspirational, we almost dress slightly away from the normal high street looks hto, i often think' oh that's very 'blogger' hehe

  6. love the inspiration posts, all looking so stylish

  7. Isn't number 8's skirt the same skirt Taylor Swift was spotted wearing the past week before the AMAs I believe. Looks just like it - love it! Well, I'm pretty sure it is similar but not the same as this blogger says hers is from Gap :)

    I gained a lot of inspiration from these photos. You are so right, bloggers have a different sense of style and I love it <3

  8. Haha, I honestly get all of my inspiration from other bloggers, too! Forget celebrities ;D Love your picks.

    x Michelle |

  9. I love your blog, I hope you will follow mine, I am folloing yours for sure :)

    Jordan x

  10. love this post. seeing other peoples style always inspires me so this blog is FAB xx

  11. I didn't know many of this girls except for Betty the French girl which is my favourite Fashion Bloggers since 2008!!

    Great inspiration post ^^



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