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Very rarely will I find a blog that makes me want to read back as far as I can without taking a break, but this is exactly what what happened a few months ago when I came across Audrey @ Be Frassy. Her style is incredible, her wardrobe has everything you could ever imagine and to top it off she’s one of those genuinely nice girls who will make an effort to talk to you. After totally fan girling over getting an email from Audrey last month I asked if she’d mind answering some questions about herself/blogging. She emailed me back within an hour and this is what she had to say….

How old are? Where are you? What’s your day job?
I'm 22 years old. I'm a nomadic American girl who runs around Europe, I grew up in Spain, went to uni in England and now I live in Paris. I don't have a "job" at the moment. I'm working as a freelance fashion writer and photographer in Paris- which involves doing a lot of tedious work but hey, its money! My blog and online shop take up most of my time: it’s very much a full-time occupation. Since graduating from University and moving to Paris, I'm still getting settled but I've got big plans in motion for Frassy and Frassy Rags. Including my t-shirt collection, which I am so excited about: I'm a sucker for goofy tees!

How long have you been blogging for? Why did you start blogging?
I've been blogging for about 3 years now (jesus!) I've always adored clothes and wanted to study fashion, but was convinced to pursue something more "traditional" (boooo!) and so off I went to Durham University; a lovely town filled with pretentious girls I could in no way relate to. They mocked me for wearing hats and colourful fur jackets, and so in reaction, I started Frassy- where I could share what I loved with other fashion-followers but also inspire girls to wear whatever they wanted regardless of what other people thought!

Whats been the absolute highlight of blogging so far?
I guess initially (and this sounds so shallow) it was the free clothes, the LFW invites and parties: hey, I was a poor student stuck in a boring little town, it was great! But as I've matured, blogging has taught me so much, and I proud to say I've made a business out of "Frassy". I love all the girls that click on to my blog, take time out of their days to show me support- it means the absolute world! And, some of my very best friends I've met through the blogging world. But in terms of an "absolute" highlight, there has been so many! Starting a blog was the best thing I've done to date, and has proved much more profitable than my degree in English Literature. Blogging can be a business- so don't forget that girls! You can make money from blogging!

How many hours a week do you spend on your blog?
A lot of hours go into my blog, I'm completely OCD. Between emails, photos, the shop- I spend at least 5 or 6 hours a day on Frassy. But now, my workload has been relieved a little, as I have two very lovely interns- we drink starbucks all day and they help me. Its such fun! Saying that, both my websites are being re-designed right now, and for someone who doesn't know anything about HTML, my poor web designer is about to kill himself! haha.

Who takes your photographs?
Paris is brimming with photography talent and so I've been working with various people since I've been here. Right now, an awesome Australian chick called Anastasia takes all my photos. She comes over, we gossip as I get dressed and then we go running through the streets of Paris. For those of you who want good quality photos, get in touch with some Photography Schools: there are so many cool photography kids who just want to practice! I pay my girl, just because she's over all the time! And since my boyfriend lives in London, I can't pester him to snap away!

I know a lot of my readers get embarrassed about taking photos outside (even I do sometimes!) Do you ever find it embarrassing? Can you offer any advice?
I know this feeling, in fact while I was up in Durham- its such a small town, I was mortified to pose and jump around in the streets. But I got over it. I make such an ass out of myself on a weekly basis! Just pretend no one else is around- and try to have fun: you're wearing cute clothes so celebrate the clothes! And if anyone stares, its only because they are either curious or LOVE what you're wearing! haha

How would you describe your signature style in 3 words?
Vintage, Sporadic, Colourful.

Is there anyone who influences your style?
Fellow bloggers are my primary source of influence, I read a lot of blogs and I guess I sort of take components of their style and mix it all up into what I like to wear. I also loveee Edie Sedgwick and Catherine Baba- probably my two most faithful fashion inspirations!

Can you offer any style tips to my readers?
Be Yourself, be confident and wear what YOU want! In a world full of clones, its sooo important to stay true yourself and be unique! I know it can be hard to be confident enough to do so, and all girls have their doubts, but fashion fluctuates on a string of whims and fancies, so indulge yours! Oh, and don't be afraid to buy cheap clothes: charity shops, vintage markets etc: you can get so much out of these sorts of places for a LOT less money! Its not how much you pay for an item of clothing, its how you wear it!

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?
Oooh my favourite piece changes on a daily basis: but right now, my mini orange Chanel bag my boyfriend bought me this summer!

What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe which still gets worn?
I bought a navy, gold buttoned blazer in a Charity Shop 4 years ago for 1 pound. I still wear it all the time!

Which designer has inspired your for A/W? Prada! I LOVE all the beautiful furs and those scalloped sheer dresses! Wish I could afford them!

What on you’re A/W shopping list?? Clothing in muted cosy colours such as burgundy, honey, maroon & teal. An emerald green mohair fur coat, Balenciaga Boots, Metallic Gold accessories. Dark orange platform heels, a red leather jacket, leopard print knee-high socks, a polka dot pillbox hat and lots of fun nail foils!

Are there any key pieces we should be looking out for? Buy a colourful fur: purple, green, blood red! You can wear it all winter long with skinny jeans and boots!

What’s your favourite high-street store? I like H&M alot- I think if you look hard enough you can find some remarkably on-trend pieces. Topshop shoes make me swoon but ASOS takes the fashion cake for me: I spend so much money on that website!

Designer or high-street? Even if I could afford to wear solely Designer, I wouldn't. Purely because the high-street has so much to offer. When it comes to clothes, I'd rather buy lots of cheaper pieces than have a few expensive garments. I don't think I'm old enough to start buying clothes that will "last forever". Most of my clothes are high-street, vintage and inexpensive: and then I'll splurge on expensive shoes, bags and jewellery, but only when I can!

If you had £1000 would you spend it on one item or try and buy as much as you can?
On as a much as I could. Imagine spending 1000 pounds on! Oh my god, that would be so much fun!

What’s your all time favourite outfi?
Hard Question! Right now, it would be red skinny jeans, a black tank and my gold metallic jacket.

And finally, block brights, animal print or black?
Even harder question! I can't choose one; so instead a combination of block brights and animal print!

I recommend you all check out Audreys blog if you haven't already!


  1. This post was amazing, such a good read. Audrey is the most colourful person I think I've ever come across. Her style is inspiring, every outfit you've included just looks right, except I would never have the guts to wear any of them.

    The very bottom right photo is my all time favourite, that blue is insane!

    Great post Victoria :) xx

  2. Ahhhh this post is so good, I love Frazy so much, she's so inspirational, thankyou :).

  3. Wow.. so glad you've done this post! Awesome new blog to read :) Her style is amazing, and so colourful!

    The Deer Head


  4. haha I would LOOOVE to spend £1000 on asos... probably anyone's dream really! Love Frassy xx

  5. Absolutely love Audrey's blog, have been a big fan for a while now. Was a shame to see her get silly 'hate' comments from pathetic girls (back in her Durham uni days) who were perhaps a bit jealous of the confidence she has with her personal style. Fab interview Victoria, just shows how down to earth she really is :) xx

  6. this was such a brilliant interview :) i love frassy, it's one of my favourite blogs - and frassy rags for imitation artys ! x

  7. I love this girl! Probably one of the first blogs I followed, and my all time fave. One of my icons :)

  8. ah Frassy is my all time fav.
    lovely reading this Q+A.

    J x

  9. I can't wait to read more of Audreys blog. Durham is my home town and after going to uni else where I did my masters at Durham uni and I definitly understand what she means about Durham uni girls! Her style is great. X

  10. love this!

    So nice of Audrey to do this for you!

    llymlrs etc llymlrs

  11. Oh wow! This girl has some serious style sense! I absolutely LOVE her clothes, I need them all in my life/wardrobe!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    PS. I am your newest follower! I am loving your blog!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  12. i love frassy - i admire everything she wears because she just doesn't give a shit.
    i could never wear half of the stuff she does, but i love how she pulls it off.

    sounds like she has a fantastic blogging life! x

  13. Wow, such an interesting post, so glad you showed me frassy, I literally spent hours last night just continuously going back through all her posts.

    Thanks! XX

  14. Wow i didn't even know this blog until now! thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Shes amazing!

    Grace x
    i'd rather buy shoes...

  15. Great post, I'm a fan of Audrey's blog and her style, she looks so fun!!

    The doll on fashion

  16. Frassy is one of my favourite blogs. Great interview! x


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