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Jumper: Joe Browns |
Trousers: Warehouse | Boots: Whooga

So this is me at a place called Mount Washington , right there in the background (top right) is cloud cover and yep, that’s how high we really were! Infact this a before and after pic of what it was like going through the clouds in the car. The mountain range is breathtakingly beautiful like I really can’t explain and the pictures I took (which you’ll see tomorrow) really don’t do it justice. The place was pretty empty because there isn’t any snow on the peeks yet, but as soon as the first snow falls the place will be full of skiers and the winter season will be in full swing! I can only imagine how pretty that place looks with snow.

It’s been Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so it’s been a pretty quiet one, today is Turkey day and I’m so excited to have a propa roast dinner for the first time in months! The only downside is it being a bank holiday so we’re pretty much stuck in doors. We did go for a walk down by one of the local harbous yesterday afternoon which was lovely, i ended up seeing two seals and there were lots of crab fishermen! But of course, i didn't have my camera! We’ve got a couple of trips planned this week and we’re visiting Victoria on Saturday which is the capital of British Colombia. It’ll be a long drive, but when it’s somewhere new I really don’t mind staring out of the window for hours!

Halloween is like a national holiday here, I’ve never seen so many decorations before and they even advertise it on the TV! Speaking of TV, they have so many adverts; they’re literally every 7 mins, if not less. It’s highly annoying, and they always end up being the same! Also, the news channels here suck. They don’t tell you anything and repeat the same stories for like 4 days! Where are my soaps at?!

I found out the Cosmo Blog Awards are on the 26th which of course is the day I fly back. I’m absolutely gutted, it made me really sad when I found out. Thanks to everyone who has voted though, just wish I could be there with everyone to celebrate the nomination. Next year I might not be so lucky! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me whilst I’ve been away, it’s a lot harder than I thought and I really am looking forward to getting home (2 weeks on Wednesday!) I’m really looking forward to getting back in to my routine and back to my life. I’ve decided any more than 2 weeks is just too much!



  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time! I'd love to visit Canada!
    Love your outfit too! :-) xx

  2. I am jealous of this view. Being a snowboarder, this is what I dream of! I've only ever been in Europe.. but can only imagine how insane Canada is! Will you be there for when the snow starts falling? It's definitely so magical and so surreal! x

  3. beautiful photo. :) My boyfriend's relatives live in Winnipeg so I'm looking forward to visiting there in the future.

  4. Looks like you're having a great time! Would love to see more photos of Mount Washington :)I didn't realise they had Thanksgiving in Canada that really silly?

  5. cute outfit! gorgeous scenery though, i was only about 10 when i went to canada so couldnt fully appreciate it! i just remember there being so.many.waterfalls!

  6. wow what a picture! :O

    you look lovely xx

  7. Cute jumper! Sounds like you're having an amazing time.
    L x

  8. Wow, Canada looks incredible. I am loving that jumper too, it looks so cosy!

    Lucy xxx

  9. that photo is amazing! gorgeous.
    I get really excited about Hallooween so I would love it there. My house is the only one on the street that gets deocrated x

  10. I hope your first Thanksgiving in Canada is amazing! Halloween is definitely huge here! It is one of my fave holidays! It is so funny hearing your perceptions of Canada as I will be heading to England in January to live for (hopefully) a year! I can't wait to see the differences and experience less ads on tv like you mentioned, that would be amazinggg!

  11. Wow, wow, wow! The scenery is absolutely lush! and I love the jumper (and the colours of your outfit go so well together!) I'm a bit of a telly addict, ads every seven minutes or so would drive me up the wall!

    I hope you're ok Victoria xx

  12. Haha! This is so Canadian. I don't know, something about the sweater and Uggs, I guess? Glad to hear you're having a good time - I'm so jealous of the Halloween hype! It isn't that big in Australia, either :(

    x Michelle |

  13. looks beautiful there - i have some family in Canada but have never actually been. hopefully i will someday soon! sorry to hear that you can't make the Cosmo Blog Awards thing, well done for your nomination though!

  14. give me your hair nowwwwwwwww

  15. What an outfit post!! So pretty and your surroundings look epic!!xx

  16. I always love reading your blog and today I was super excited to see your visiting the Island.I Live in Victoria and have no doubt you'll love it!

  17. I love what you're wearing, gorgeous back drop! I remember when I lived in America, it's the same there, tv adverts annoyed me so much! x


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