Sunday, 16 October 2011



I was sitting down to do this weeks ebay post when on the tv came a Halloween advert for a local store selling costumes. So I had a rummage through ebay for some outfits and the prices and I couldn’t believe how many there were! I never really thought about ebay for Halloween, I always used to make my own or go to a propa fancy dress shop but they seriously have so many on there you’ll be spoilt for choice! This seller had pages and pages of all kinds of themes for the whole family; personally I’m digging the Scooby Doo ones!! But I wanted to make it more Halloween inspired so I picked the outfits that represent Halloween to me!

I’m a bit gutted I won’t be doing anything this year, I’m actually at a wedding that weekend. Ohhh maybe I could wear one of these?! Lolz but I would definitely pick that pumpkin one if I had to choose!!

Oh and I know the second one isn’t the devil, I changed the pic and forgot to change the title. To be honest, it’s far too much effort to change the whole thing!

What are you wearing for this years Halloween?



  1. I always think Halloween is a massive let down, so much hype and then its always a big flop.
    I'd definitely be a corpse bride though if I was to choose.

    Jade x

  2. I bought a cat costume off of ebay a few weeks ago for a fancy dress party!
    the pumpkin is so cute!

  3. Great post! I am going to be Bellatrix LeStrange this year! I love Halloween! xx

  4. The corpse bride one is amazing! still haven't thought about costumes :/

  5. haha I love these! They're great finds!
    I was going to go as a corpse bride last year so if I do Halloween this year I'd defo go as that!


  6. Does anyone else get sick of all the skimpy Halloween outfits for girls? It's like that bit from Mean Girls, where they all dress slutty and she actually comes as something scary. I want to be SCARY godammit!

  7. Best pumpkin outfit ever! I don't know if I'm doing anything for Halloween yet, no doubt there'll be a hundred student events on that weekend though! xxxx


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