Wednesday, 27 July 2011


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Bag: eBay | Shirt: Primark | Jeggins: Vero Moda |
Bracelet: Accessorize

It feels like forever since I last did an outfit post, I did have a plan to do one the weekend and do a Fridays face but due to me being a total mess on Friday morning thanks to my ‘oh I’ll be fine, pour me another’ attitude I had the night before I really wasn’t in a fit state. How I managed to make it down to London I’ll never know, I think I deserve an award or something! I did have a fab weekend though, I have a whole post dedicated to what I got up to so I’ll be posting that sometime this week. It’s very photo heavy so I thought I’d wait a while before posting!

I’m currently up in Newcastle (well, a little bit more north) staying with Matts Mum for the week. I’m considering this to me my summer holiday and it’s so lovely being around a ‘Mum’! Today we went to the Metro Centre and it was actually a really fun afternoon. I usually hate shopping places because It just bugs me because I can’t spend anything. I did however treat myself to a dress (with a little input from Matts Mummy – I love her!) and might have got a graduation contender! I’ll do a propa outfit pic next week when I’m back home but it’s going to be a lovely dress to own even if I don’t use it for graduation. It was from Jane Norman which is an absolute first for me! But £38 down to £19 I really couldn’t say no. It was the last one there too so I’m taking that as a sign!

I’m so tired today, I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a new place and relaxed* or whatever but I just want to sleep! I swear I’ve forgotten to mention loads of stuff too. I really need to start making lists!



  1. You look lovely - really love the bracelet!

  2. Hope you're having fun in Newcastle! Love the new dress you got, its such a nice colour and i love the braclet in your post! x

  3. LOVE that bracelet! I'm a sucker for black & gold, haha. Also, well done on that dress; that dress is HOT! And £19 too? Too good.

    Enjoy Newcastle! x

  4. Aw, sounds like you're having a great time - and Matt's mum really does sound so lovely and kind!
    Can't wait to see that dress. You look awesome in plaid, btw!

    x Michelle |

  5. Love the outfit, especially the bracelet. The jeggings look great too.. I've been looking for some recently, I'll check out Vero Moda :)
    Love the Jane Norman dress!! Such a great colour :) xx

  6. Love this outfit, comfy casual at it's best! Every time I see your bag, I fall a little bit more in love with it! I must stop spending money....
    Wow, that dress from Jane Norman is gorgeous, can't believe it's only £19! I find that their collections all look the same and are a bit dull but I've seen loads of nice pieces in the sale! Typical, as soon as a shop gets nice stuff, they end up closing down! ;D

  7. You look lovely, and I LOVE the colour of that dress - yum! I've been really drawn towards that style of dress x

  8. LOVE THAT BAG so so much <3

  9. Love this outfit, in love with your bag! Have fun away :) xx
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Ah, i love the metro centre! When i lived in newcastle (for uni), I was at the metro every wednesday (thanks to my student loan!). You dont happen to be in newcastle this weekend are you? If you are, come out for a few cocktails! I'm heading up for the celebrations of the Hero and Cape launch! The more the merrier! x

  11. Love the bracelet!


  12. cute outfit
    that bag is gorgeous!

  13. Wow I have been away from your blog for too long! Didn't know you were posting outfit pictures outside! Really love this outfit. I'm searching for a graduation outfit as well... but don't know where to look except Asos (though that type of clothing is a bit expensive from there). Can you maybe give some tips on your blog, seeing that you'll be graduating this year as well? :) Thanks! xo


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