Saturday, 9 July 2011


I’ve been debating about doing outdoor outfit pics for ages now, I wasn’t sure if there would be a place suitable indoors in the new place so I knew if I wanted to carry on with outfit pics they might have to be outside. Luckily, we live in a house that has quite a little bit of ground/nice brick walls/trees/a grass area so it’s pretty easy to find somewhere. At first I felt a bit silly, because well some people just don’t get it! But everyone seems so carefree and lovely here that when someone walked past she simply similed, said hello (showed us her kitten called Lily) and carried on walking. Not at all wondering what I was doing, so I feel pretty confident about doing pics outside. But then comes do I do the whole ‘full length’ shot. I know I’m not the smallest of girls, and I certainly don’t have that ‘look’ that gets thousands of hypes on Lookbook or has my pictures reblogged a million times on Tumblr but I thought why not give it a go. I’m actually really happy with them and if I give someone the confidence to do full length pictures too then I have done something right! I’m not saying they’re all going to be outside and full length but for a start I think its ok! I wanted to do something a little bit different too!

I’m wearing a New Look dress which I bought for the day of my 21st and it’s been a favourite ever since. I’ve teamed it with a denim jacket that was my Mums, V scrabble ring from my shop, some amazing stone rings from jwlry and then some really cheap white pumps from Primark. To me this is my perfect ‘summer’ look.

Also, I’ve not ombred my hair or anything, in the summer it’s just seemed to have gone like this. That and the fact it needs a good cut! So if there are any Leeds ladies reading this please let me know a reasonably priced where I can get it done! Sooner rather than later so I can get some length back for my graduation which is September 22nd!

Things are starting to get sorted on the internet front (I’m in Matts college again) we now have a phone line, and hopefully getting connected to the web in the 5-7 working days! I’m not holding my breathe, but at least it’s a positive step!

Ok so now I need some of your suggestions! Remember the girl who modelled for me? Well her Mum is opening up a lingerie shop and they need help on a shop name, now I know you’re all fashionistas so I know your help would be greatly appreciated!

How awful has the weather been this week?! I can’t believe it’s summer. I was so looking forward to getting a tan this year but alas I think I’ll have to resign myself to the fact that I will forever be a milk bottle! The rain was that heavy the other night it was hitting the sky light in our bedroom something crazy and I ended up being awake for ages!

Thanks to everyone who has bought the new rings from my shop. I will get them posted (plus other orders) out today!

I really feel as though I’ve forgotten to mention loads again, this is what happens when you don’t have the internet! Maybe I should start writing lists ;)

Enjoy your weekend peeps!



  1. I love full length shots! The dress is gorgeous!

    Hope you get the internet up and running soon.. Don't know how you've coped without it, I'd be tearing my face off by now lol!


  2. i think your full length shots look lovely! your a stunner babes!

  3. Can't imagine how loud the rain was hitting a sky light! It was hitting my roof and still kept me awake!
    Lovely outfit :) good luck with the Internet, I know it's horrible being without it when you spend most of your time on it (well, I do anyway)

  4. Loving the loaction of the shots! Looks so natural and vintage countryside (the full length pose is gorgeous too, you have no need to worry).
    Wish I could help come up with a lingerie shop name, but I'm super bad with names !

    e x

  5. We love outdoor outfit posts!
    Take advantage of the British summer while it last :)


  6. Definitely love the full length shot! Dress is fab, so easy to dress down with the denim, great overall look. I am so jealous of your hair btw, it's soooo long!! x

  7. you have nice legs, can i wrap them around my head? ;)
    i hope you get internet soon i dont like how quiet you are boooo!

  8. oh definitely keep doing outdoor photos, they are so lovely! and i love the dress xx

  9. Well, i think you look lovely! (and i have hyped one of your outfits on lookbook!) x

  10. Loving the outdoor photos lady! :) I have the black version of that dress! It's lovely, especially with the denim jacket! :) & yay for getting the internet soon! :)

  11. Fell length shots are the best! <3 I love seeing shoes and the whole overall look. And you look amazing so hypes don't always tell the truth :).

  12. I love your dress! I really like outdoor photos although with the rainy weather we've been having recently they aren't always possible!

  13. I hardly ever comment on your blog post's, not for any reason in specific, just not a big commenter... haha, makes no sense!
    But, i admire your blog, you look lovely in each and every photo you take! I'm loving this outfit & the outdoor shots :)

  14. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love these outdoor shots and your outfit is beaut. They remind me of Little Chief Honeybee.

  15. love the outside photos victoria, they look lovely with that pretty background and yes most people are nice, you could be taking them for anything right? uni, a present for a friend, anything :) xo

  16. I love your outdoor outfit pics! They work really well.

    Your hair must change in the sun, mine ends seem to have gone very blonde all on their own recently too! It must be long hair :-)

    Dayner x

  17. Love the full length shots. It is nice to see a "normal" figure actually! You look lovely girl!

  18. you look really nice.

    i know what you mean about outdoor photos. i've done a couple myself but i felt like an idiot asking for me friends to take the pictures for me, nevermind what people passing thought. i don't know how some people do it every day! i guess you just have to not care.

    don't worry about your figure. we all come in different shapes and sizes.



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