Monday, 4 July 2011


I can't even explain how good it feels to actually type something on a keyboard and not on my iPhone!

So as you're all aware, on the 30th of June myself and Matt moved into a really lovely flat which is in a big cottage, it's really small but very cosy and i'm pretty sure we'll be happy there. The only problem(s) is my phone picks up 0 signal, i mean i literally have to stand by the wall for 10 secs of signal to then move again to get some more. It's VERY annoying, but it's an old building so what can i expect?! We also don't have the internet, and can't sort that out until our phone line is connected. Also, this weekend our tv signal decided to cut out and we don't have any idea why. So as you can imagine, it's pretty shitty at the mo!

But alas, here i am in Matts college sorting out everything that needs to be sorted when you move house.

Obviously without having the net i've not been able to sort out recent shop orders. But now i'm in college, and have managed to print off addresses you can rest assure that they will be sent out this week and i'm sorry for any delay! I did plan on adding some new rings today, but in my rush this morning i forgot to put the picture on my data stick!

Thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway already, there has been an amazing response (but i guess when i'm giving away free stuff i guess that's to be expected!) but it's really sweet reading your comments!

Oh i should probably say what i'm wearing, this playsuit is from my favourite ebay seller (the one where the bag is from) and it's the Topshop playsuit that did the rounds on here. It's safe to say i LOVE it! I know i'm not the smallest of girls, but i think it's pretty flattering?! I'm wearing some gems from the shop.

I'm pretty sure i've forgotten loads, i just got so excited about using the internet i've kinda forgotten everything i needed to do! So sad right?!

Anyways, i'll be back later on this week! Have a good one!



  1. The playsuit is REALLY gorgeous on you! Your waist looks teeny so yes it is very flattering :D I also completely understand how annoying it is to have to type on the phone and not a proper keyboard, when my laptop died a few months ago I hated being reliant on the iphone for everything because it takes me hours to type a single sentence! xx

  2. Lady, that picture on the left is smoking hot! Amazing. And you're right, it is a flattering playsuit. I have a teeny tiny friend who has the same one, and it looks good on her too- pretty impressive design I think!

    Kv x

  3. Oh I love it and it's a beautiful colour! Really flattering - although you're not at all big so it's not surprising!

  4. Why did I click your ebay link?! I'm in love with this seller! I'm in love with your outfit! Don't think the sizing will go up to 14-16 though :( xo

  5. Love the redness in da playsuit :)
    Looking pretty as always ^__^
    I kind of adore your volume hair!
    I have a touchscreen on my phone which can turn into a keyboard so it makes abit easier :P


  6. The colour of the playsuit is super lovely and looks really cute on you and compliments your hair colour.
    Oh, how annoying is that there is zero connection with the world at your new flat. I hope you'll sort it out soon. Can't wait for your updates ;)

  7. Your awesome for sharing that seller.. I'm lusting over so much!

    The playsuit looks gorgeous on you.. I have the topshop one and LOVE it!


  8. The playsuit is REALLY flattering! You look great! I love your hair. Oh my gosh, no cell service would drive me nuts, I hope you guys can get it fixed so that there is service!


  9. I love that playsuit, it looks so nice on you :)
    I don't envy you having no internet, I remember moving house last year at uni and being without that and a tv license for about a week, it wasn't fun

  10. Aww can't blame you for feeling the way you do about no internet, no signal and the tv cutting out.
    I think I could live without tv, but Id definitely need either signal on my phone or the internet!

    You look lovely! The playsuit is gorgeous and definitely very flattering on you :) x

  11. Love the playsuit, its such a nice colour and it looks great on you! Gutter about the no signal etc, hope you get it all sorted out (: x

  12. Congrats on the move, it sounds like a nice little place!

  13. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Really flattering! Your new place sounds so lovely.

  14. The playsuit is so nice!! I've just clicked the ebay seller link and I now have about 20 tabs open from the stuff I like that they're selling! Yikes!! How annoying about the whole signal thing, I hate not having signal it's so frustrating!

    L x

  15. You look stunning. that colour really flatters you I think, goes amazingly well together with your hair x

  16. I can totally sympathy on the move, and lack of Internet & mobile phone signal! It took 2 months for our Internet to go live, very annoying! That playsuit is gorgeous too, very flattering & I love the colour.

  17. ahh the flat sounds lovely! and love the playsuit. great colour on you.x

  18. That colour looks INCREDIBLE on you, lovely! Really! Also, I agree. It's super flattering. Wish I had those curves (not to sound creepy) - I'm sick of being flat chested, hahahaha.
    Any chance we'll be seeing pics of your new flat? It sounds beautiful!

    x Michelle |

  19. Love that playsuit, so exciting moving into a new place, would love to see it! x

  20. You look AMAZING in this playsuit, really suits your figure! And the colour is lovely, I love it. I've found that recently I'm always forgetting stuff I need to do on the internet, need to start making a list...sounds SO like an old lady!

    Congrats on the new place, hope everything gets sorted out soon! x

  21. Your new place sounds lovely. I'm itching to move houses! x

  22. Where's your playsuit from it's gorgeous! x

  23. Love the colour of the playsuit, looks fab on you xxx

  24. Just a little question, do you buy on ebay things from america? i've always wanted to but apparently you have to pay an extra import charge? do you know anything about this? many thanks, you have a great blog!xxx


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